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Oh hello Goa!

This was my first trip to every youngster’s ever thought of a holiday destination in India. Bachelorette- let’s go to Goa, Wedding- let’s plan in Goa, long weekend- let’s go to Goa. So the place had to be nice to live up to the hype.

If you have read any of my blogs, you would know how much I hate to sit and wait for the destination and I literally hope that we come to a time when we can walk to all places we want to and reach within 2 hours, but I guess for now we have to rely on airplanes, trains, and cars.

So I am not a very crowd friendly person so booked The Lalit Golf and Spa resort, thinking it would be a little aloof, but to my surprise this was two and a half hours away from Baga Beach, and can easily be termed as a parallel city in the state of Goa, not just south Goa.

But there’s always a bright side. I took a flight from Chandigarh to Mumbai and then Mumbai to Goa via Air India – Economy. I love free flight food even though I may not eat because it takes the pressure away from you to decide whether you are hungry or not, and if you are what would you like from those prepackaged meals. But there’s nothing as good as the home cooked meals, so I ensured I had a nice roasted paratha packed for the journey.

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What can I say about Dehradun, because I was there for about one day but it definitely did play to the tunes of my heart.♥️

Since I was traveling alone, a great tip that one of my friends has shared is to travel via a government vehicle. I took a Volvo which I had missed initially and got hold of only because of my dad’s excellent bus chasing skills!

You know it’s been long that I was home, and though home is special, one does always gets a little homesick every now and then. 👻

I sat on the bus only to realize that the ticket I had bought was for the next month, so I bought a new one 650 rupees I think and immediately canceled the other reservation online, the money for which I received in 5 weeks, but eventually I am happy that I did!

I know this goes against travelers but I am not very comfortable with bus journeys. I feel it churns my stomach and though I have no record of throwing up, I feel very very dizzy a couple of hours into the journey, even though this route wasn’t at any elevation. In my defence if I could run and reach Dehradun, I would have done it, but bus journey only because I am not rich, and unlike what many of you think, my trips are NOT sponsored!

And again, a lot of you guys ask me how do I travel, guys it’s on my own money. Bloggers’ life does sound cool, but trust me mixing passion and work is never a good idea. Of course you should be passionate about your work, but I feel I can’t put a price tag for my fun. It should be free unless of course it’s something that I cannot afford! 😂

Summary be that though I dislike bus journeys but I always try to like them. 😅

Four and a half hours of that bumpy bus journey and I was in that beautiful city. The wait was worth it.

I was staying at a dear friend’s home so while I was waiting to kill my time, I decided to do what I love to do. Eat. I hogged on a plate of spicy momos because I’ve heard Dehradun is all about momos. It’s the land of momos!

To be honest, I liked them wherever I had them in the city and these ones too were no less.

My friend came with her dad in sometime time, and oh my God, how kind were they! Uncle was a sweetheart, pulling my friend’s leg every now and then, and trying to figure out why was I there just for a day and wouldn’t stay for longer. There are only a few people who mean this genuinely and you have to value them.

I am a lot into signs and vibes. If I like something or someone, I just go with my first instinct. I have been in trouble because of it but hey water doesn’t change when in front of fire so I shouldn’t let my past make me stop from loving new people if I feel they have a good vibe. I loved him from the core of my heart. A very sweet and a simple man.

I reached her home and her mom was even more sweet! She got me tea, and I was sold with her beautiful voice, elegant saree and charm. We were to attend a function there and gosh it was something!

Ignore my ignorance but how I know functions are is that in a function you basically go to hog, and you know nobody or someone to whom you say some pleasantries and hope to not see again so you can focus back on the food. But here my friend and her mom knew everyone! No kidding. Feet touching, talking and genuinely asking each other about their lives! That still happens somewhere and this is one reason I appreciated the culture a lot. I am sure this could be a one of event but with the number of people party to one event, I am sure they must be spread around the city and contributing to the beautiful city that this is.

We gossiped the night until I fell asleep. I really love this girl. Such a pleasure to hear her last before sleeping.

The next day was practically the only day I had.

Breakfast: Stuffed Prawnthee of Gahad ki daal is probably the best stuffed roti I have had. It felt like kachori but healthier. I had two and then I was almost sorted for the day! If you ever get to try this, please do and thank me later. ☺

Tea at Tapri: So some people don’t like to do this but I love the casual ambience of this. Dogs sitting around, waiting for someone to give them a pack of biscuits or egg, people in their busy lives stopping for a while, smokers looking for respite and thoughts, vendors trying to make clients and thus serving with a heartfelt smile, and nobody pretending to be fancy or having etiquettes – Tapri is my favourite spot to spend a good time.

Riverfront Cottage: So I may sound a bit thrifty but we just went on the riverfront and spent some three hours looking at the river and not ate anything.

The view of the mountains, the sound of the river, and the innocence of the stray dogs was enough to keep me entertained.

Maggi point: If you don’t find enough mountains in Dehradun, take a drive for half an hour and reach here.

This place is very easy on your pocket and serves you with momos, North Indian, South Indian, tea, juices and of course Maggi! I had a plate of momos and an uttapam and was pretty happy with the free view.

Shiva Temple: So I could be threatened to write this here, but this Temple was constructed by some Mafia to repay for his deeds, and they don’t accept any donations. Also they give you amaaaazing prasad of kheer with matthi and chai.

If you know me a little you would know how crazy I am about tea, and well if they give prasad as Tea, well the temple easily made me believe in God! Jokes apart, the temple has a beautiful vibe to it.


Forest Research Institute: This place is grand, which is why a lot of Bollywood movies have been shot here, such as Student of the year.

You can get great pictures clicked here, but the night gets too dark so you didn’t see enough of my pictures from this place.

Bengali Sweets: Every city is getting commercial sweet shops, but the local ones must be tried. My friend got me Bal Mithai (Hailing from Kumaoni) and Singori (Hailing from Garhwal). I don’t have a sweet tooth but for people who do these are a must try!

Angeethi: So these guys have the most amazing momos in the land of momos.

For the first time in my life I had such good tandoori momos, and I am salivating even after writing this post after a month of actually having the momos! We had the it all in chicken, mutton, and veg.

Home chicken: After a long day’s of work, when your mouth does not understand spices and flavours anymore, all you need is simple and tasty food, something that your mom would cook. This was exactly like that with a twist of the mountains, what else can one ask for! Uncle then got us the sugariest paans that I have ever eaten, wrapped in a leaf. These were also the biggest paans I have ever eaten!

Breakfast and fun at Bus Stand: Roti and Sabzi right before you board a bus is probably the best idea so you don’t puke! Had loads of fun with friends at the Bus Stand, clicking pictures and talking about my great decision of taking this trip!

Doon, see you soon!


Hello guys!

Very recently, I did one of the most fascinating things that one can try in the northern India – paragliding!

This weekend trip was absolutely surreal. We began our bus journey from Chandigarh at 11PM on Friday. Generally I travel by making my own bookings but this trip was curated by one of my friends who has started a new venture in travel. It is always good to travel when your friends have a start up because they share all the insights of their research, so I too have a better knowledge about the place.

Before I begin to talk about it, now is NOT the time to visit this place because paragliding shuts down from 15th June to 15th Sep every year at Bir-Billing owing to the rains. In case you are planning to go, plan sometime in September or check with the local agents and weather forecasts before you make your reservations.

Our bus was supposed to leave at 10PM, but it left at 11PM, and we reached Bir at about 8AM. Took longer than a cab ride, but I guess traveling cannot happen without adequate amount of patience. Our camp site was at Gharnala, which is 7kms from Bir, and the tents there were like shacks, which were very very cozy.

So our itinerary got a little hit because our bus reached late, and when we reached the camp site, the sky gods started to bless us with hailstorms. The result was very catastrophic for my fellow travelers since paragliding got canceled on Day 1 of our two day trip. Also, since we were quite far off from the Bir market and the weather was unpredictable, we couldn’t visit any monastery or other sites. So we talked to some local farmers and clicked endless pictures.

Despite all of the last minute cancellations somehow, it wasn’t catastrophic for me because all I wanted to do was gaze at the endless range of mountains for hours and hours.

And when the night would draw closer, the stars and the darkness would consume me.  I feel mountains are the recycled version of us and many others. They have the void that comes in us when there is nobody to talk. They share the silence, the beauty, and the vastness of being.

For me, the silence and the vastness of mountains is what makes me more similar to them, more quiet and giving.. This is super philosophical my take on the entire Himachal, not just Bir, and some of my friends thus call me bookish!

Nevertheless, I was with people who are used to schedules and alarm clocks, and I respect them too, so I decided to do something in the evening. At about 5PM, we decided that we’d walk till the market and take a stroll. Just as we took the plunge of going, some heavenly ways opened for us to save us from a couple of hours of walk. 6 of us got in a cab and the poor driver after listening to our meaningless conversations dropped us at the market of Bir. Now, the Bir market has a very few shops, typically for groceries, and is not very exciting for food, so we decided to take another cab to the Tibetan market. We found a number of small eateries there, and had super inexpensive chicken momos and soup. We saw a lot of foreigners and monks on the streets that made us reinforce that our choice was right, and this place actually possessed a culture of Bir.

We met a native from Spain who had quit her job 8 months, and decided to travel the world. She was alone, happy and full of warmth. I was absolutely inspired by her since she broke the convention of a 9 to 5 job to do what she really wanted to do, i.e. travel!

We took another cab and reached the camp site by 9. By now the place had become more chilly and we wore jackets to keep ourselves warm. At the camp site was a brilliant DJ set up along with a  bonfire. We sang, danced with so many new people warming our hearts and the bonfire warming our extremities while having some meaningful conversations about how infinite the world is, and how trivial we are.

The next morning my friend told that we would have to leave at 5.15AM so that we can do paragliding by 7AM. We got up at 4.30AM and got ready by 5AM. This was our last day here, and we didn’t want to leave without giving ourselves that shot of adrenaline.

The pilots came to pick us at 5.45AM, and we reached Billing, the take off site, in an hour. Okay, one more thing out here. Do NOT get threatened by how these people drive cars because they are rash. At times you’d feel as if you could take a flight in their cars instead of parachutes. It literally feels life threatening at first, but later when you realize that all these pilots are in the age bracket of 18-22 years, you sort of get the drift of where they are coming from, and the rush they get in driving fast on such a risky terrain. But nevertheless, the pilots are extremely sweet and very talented.

Now came the moment that we were waiting for, the paragliding! Although I was pretty scared to do it, it was a cakewalk! Yes, you read it right. It is simpler than you can ever imagine. Basically the pilot opens the chute on the hill side, makes you wear a harness, combines his belt with yours, and asks you to run down the mountain. Now running down the mountain seems very daunting in theory but in practice, the parachute is already flying before you take off and all you have to do is to give a direction and catch the pace of the chute.

Also, if you still think it’s difficult, my story will tell you that it is simpler than you think. When my pilot, Kush, asked me to run I actually fell down and couldn’t run. So that poor thing himself ran and I lifted my knees to prevent an injury. In about 5 seconds we were flying! I just couldn’t believe it. Mountains and houses all beneath your feet and you are in the air. If he weren’t scolding me for not running, I think I would have cried by gazing at the vastness. The beginning of sunrise at our back, snow clad mountains on my right, a majestic valley of mountains at the left and a vast green land with terraced farming in front, I was literally in awe of the existence.


I was peacefully enjoying this until Kush started taking out my camera and asked me to take pictures. To be scared for your life is one thing, and to be scared for your camera is another! And just after that he decided to pull of a stunt! I won’t say it was bad at all, because I think when one is scared he is the maximum alive. And I was alive. I could feel how fragile life was. But alas, the more stunts you have in your plate, the sooner your chute comes down. And we landed in another minute onto those vast plains. I thanked the guy for being so kind and took the video of the glide.

I got myself a cup of tea and 2 omelettes and then walked around.

The landing site is  like Pahalgam of Kashmir or probably something like Switzerland, and is perfect for getting pictures cclicked.

We stayed there for a good 3 hours, and then took a cab again and got dropped off at the camp site. I was in love with the camp site because the view was amazing. So we took a bath, got dressed and did more mountain gazing.

Now going in a group of 50+ people is also fun because sometimes you get to have fun that you couldn’t have gauged while planning the trip. A few of my friends chose to take a nap, and some of us got invited to play House (Tambola) with others. We sat under a big tree and spent a couple of hours playing. It is a lot of fun to do things that you don’t want to at first because that makes you break your mindset, and that is always enriching. We had lunch and tea later, and then started to trek from Gharnala to Bir to catch our bus. the seats were of course at FCFS basis so we literally ran in slippers and our bags to reach the bus.

I am not taking immense pride in saying this but I did manage to reach in the 6th position and got great seats, and after keeping my bags went ahead to play with puppies!

We started at about 5PM from Bir, took a halt at Baijnath Temple in Baijnath.

This temple is magnificent! It is built from rock carvings and the place definitely exudes a great energy. The scenery too would pretty magnificent here. I also took the chickpea chat from outside and it was yummy as always.

Commuting in Bir Billing:  Since we were hard pressed for time, we’d stop any empty taxi and ask him to drop us somewhere. It wasn’t too expensive because we were always in groups.

Money Matters:

Trip Cost: INR 4000 (including paragliding with video) from Solo Wanderer Journey. Contact Founder – Anuj Gupta ? +91 76966 25288

Paragliding Standalone Cost: INR 2500 with video, INR 2000 without video (Negotiable!)

Tent Stay with 2-3 meals: INR800-INR1000

Inter city Cab Cost: Approximately INR40 per kilometer.

Pre Prep:

A day before my trip, I was a little anxious about the entire trip. Although I was super excited about paragliding, I was way more concerned with a non AC bus ride., so I decided to board the bus with some hair oil and sunscreen. Even though the bus journey was in the night, I applied sunscreen because some research states that it provides general environment protection as well. Since I didn’t want to get acne or any weird skin issue the next day, I decided to take a little bit of precautions.

In my bag:

  • 3 pairs of lingerie
  • A rain cover for my bag.
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Toiletries: Soap, Moisturizer, Shampoo & Conditioner, Sunscreen, Mosquito repellent, toilet paper.
  • Couple of green tea bags
  • Torch
  • Mobile Charger
  • Camera (fully charged)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (It is magic for a bloated stomach!)
  • A jacket
  • A sweater
  • Cargo pants
  • A couple of tee shirts
  • A stole
  • Shades
  • Kindle Book reader
  • Ear phones
  • My wallet with a government id proof

Things I didn’t do:

A lot of you have given me so any suggestions after I am back, so added them here. In case you have more suggestions, let me know. I’ll add them in here for others. 🙂

  1. Tibetan Food @ Norgay Kitchen Food.
  2. Cream Perfumes in local shops at Tibetan Market.
  3. Stay at Zostel: Yes it’s available and it’s perfect for solo travelers.

P. S. If you have any other recommendations for other travelers, do let me know so that I can put that here for everyone’s benefit!


Hello guys and especially all the dog lovers out there!

Yesterday was very taxing for me, but it was even more bad for a dog outside my house because he was super sick, and was shrieking for help all the time. I just couldn’t sit back in the house or go to the office because I felt that he was going through unbearable pain.

So I checked with my cousin, who is a superman for dogs because he has helped more than a hundred dogs in the vicinity. He asked me to feed him something and give him 500mg of paracetamol. There was no obvious injury, just a dark patch on the skin so I wondered whether he has been hit by someone. So I gave him milk first which he couldn’t drink, so later gave him a PCM tablet in a fish pakora, which too he couldn’t eat.

Now, I was even more worried because he wasn’t eating anything, and I couldn’t help at all. To my respite, my cousin came to see him, and said he has maggots in his neck, but it can be cured soon. He also asked me to call PFA because in his experience, among SEWA, SPCA and PFA, PFA was the most empathetic shelter home for animals. Even though he said that, I took his words with a pinch of salt but called PFA anyway at about 4PM. First they said the driver wasn’t available until 6, so I decided to wait. At 5.45 when I called them, they said their night shift guy is late and would reach by 8PM. I waited anyway because I had no choice other than to be patient. I kept checking on the dog, but apparently all he wanted was people to stay away. So from far, I kept a track on his whereabouts.

Finally after another couple of calls and 5 hours of wait, their van came at about 9PM. I must commend that the two people who had come were very kind to the dogs, unlike a few doctors and attendants that I have seen in various Vet Hospitals. They took an hour to chase the dog and put him in their rescue van, and even after that they were smiling and reassuring that he should be better in a week’s time. I have never felt more reassured.

So, as my cousin had advised, I visited their shelter home today to check on the dog. There were abut 40 dogs in the shelter home, and they bring and return roughly 10 dogs from the streets everyday. The lady sitting in the office – Maya Yadav, too was very empathetic and loving to all dogs. There cannot be weak hearts at this place because all the animals were not in the best of health, so you might feel sad when you go there. But in my experience of being with dogs, I can comfortably  say that they were all living there like a family. No dog attacking the other. The attendants petting the dog while crossing them. Also, they ensure that they drop the dog in the same street from where he was picked, ensuring that he doesn’t have a hard time post treatment.

But unfortunately, they told me that the dog whom I had sent was rabid, so they would quarantine him until they confirm their diagnosis. He wasn’t in a very good shape. And my brother and the van driver’s diagnosis was different from the doctor. The doctor said that he was rabid, while my cousin said that his maggot were hurting him. I did give them ideas on what could be possibly wrong with him but didn’t want to flood them with those since they are experienced and qualified unlike me. Nevertheless they were patient in listening to me, and even gave me updates on his health over phone. I wish that sweet little dog gets okay too, and I edit this piece to write a few more words praising the PFA. Nevertheless, I saw people caring about animals and that too is no less in the world in which we are becoming more individualistic by the day.

Thank you PFA. You have reinforced to me that human beings are inherently kind.

Next Day’s Edit: I got a call from the PFA saying that the dog died last night. I don’t have much to say, apart from Gandhi ji’s words that are coming to my mind.

Satisfaction is in effort. Full effort is victory.

I couldn’t help the dog survive, but nevertheless tried my best. Hope that little soul RIP.


Hello guys,

So lately I have been traveling and trying a few things here and there. But the last weekend I did something that I had planned since a very long time.

I stay at Chandigarh so I have an easy access to the mountains, the advantage that seems very important to me.

Since I traveled in the month of May, it was very pleasant in Mc Leo as well as Triund. We were three girls who were traveling alone so we had a few apprehensions, but decided to take the plunge!

We started at about 5PM from Chandigarh since we were working on the day we left, and reached at 11PM. The journey of 6 hours has only about 2hours of a hilly drive, the rest is on plains. We stopped for Tea at Zimmidara Dhaba.

When we reached, we insisted on having dinner at Shiva Cafe, but then our driver managed to scare us of all the perils on the way, and quite frankly we were convinced. Two kilometers of walking at 11 in the night didn’t seem doable at a land where we could see only men all around. So we decided to devour our dinner at a cafe on the square.

So there is street food in Mc Leo that you must try. Oh yes – Momos. So as soon as we reached the square, we ordered two plates of momos and you have no idea how our tired souls rejoiced! And I don’t remember the name of the Cafe we went to because literally all the cafes that I have been to in Kasol/Himachal have a similar pricing and great taste, and I do distinguish between all flavours and textures! One doesn’t need to think twice before entering any pretty cafe because chances of it ruining your meal are very very grim. However, if any of you will insist, I’ll try looking for the name. 🙂

With a tummy full of tandoori chicken and chow chow, we were all set to find out Hotel – Greenwoods Inn (see I remember the name!), but after half an hour of a drive to and fromDharamkot we realised we didn’t have a clue. Finally someone nice told us to not follow google maps, and take a different route. I am glad we did because then we found the hotel.

I’d like to make a point here about people from Himachal. I have literally never come across anyone who wanted to cheat or deceive me. This is not to be generalized because I have also taken a lot of measures to stay out of trouble, but if you are prepared well, there is no chance himachal will betray you. Especially for all the girl travelers and solo travelers – have a swiss knife, don’t go out very late, try to figure out as many things over the internet, and you’ll be okay.

Three girls one room. What do you think? Though we were super tired, we managed to stay awake until 3AM, and were very ambitious in making a plan of starting at 7AM. But we woke up at 8, checked out by 10AM with parathas in our tummy, and in about 5mins reached our starting point. We started from Mc Leo, that was an extra 1km trek but what the heck, we had gone for trekking anyway.

About two kms from that point, there was police taking the count of people going for the trek along with taking their govt ID proofs and phone numbers to call back the family in case we die. As much as I have heard from the grapevine, these guys started this initiative after someone stoned jumped from the cliff.

Do stop at places and click pictures because the journey is always mightier than the destination. I know we all like to reach the camping site in a record time, but there’s no point if you can’t enjoy what you are here for – Trekking! Stop at Magic view cafe for sure because as it’s name suggests, it has a magic view, it is the oldest cafe of the place, and because old is gold.

We stopped at Triund only, and didn’t go any further because we were just happy with the place. The view is amazing. On the hill top where you stand, you see a tiny little temple, snow clad mountains on one side, the colorful city on the other, and interspersed colorful tents all around.

The three of us went berserk, we roamed without any sense of direction, we sang, got drenched in the rain a bit, lied down on the grass to see the sky from a bit closer, ate, and ate and ate.

So this is not a primitive sort of a trek where one doesn’t have food and people. It is the “yo” kind of trek that has a LOT of people, nutella pancakes, gatorade, rajma chawal and chai. You can call it the trek of the rich and the inexperienced, although a little not so rich people like me could also easily afford it. I say rich because they have demands, and they can place orders here for what they want (Although if you are rich, don’t push it too much, you might be denied food!)

In the night it was chilly, even in the month of May and do carry sweaters and jackets. You can also rent extra blankets from the guys who have given you the tent. Also our tent was on slope, so we were slipping down constantly. So if you guys think you have a trouble in getting a good night’s sleep, have your tent on a plain.

For girls, the biggest challenge is where to pee, because we HAVE to pee in the open. And with the place full of people, it becomes a challenge. Also, please carry toilet paper.

The next morning we had a nice glass of lemon honey, strategically found a place to pee and started our descent at about 7AM. We had our breakfast in the magic view cafe – omelette and tea. One of my very enthusiastic friends wanted to take a detour to Bhagsu, and so we did. The path was definitely more worse than the regular trek, and I’d recommend it to you only if you are an absolute trek enthusiast, and felt that Triund was a simple trek.

We found our way to Bhagsu by 12.30PM, and since Shiva Cafe is very close to Bhagsu, we went to Shiva Cafe first. Now this was “the cafe” of Mc Leo but it had nothing to eat. They fed us with knorr soups, bad pancake, but definitely a good ambiance. We then left for bhagsu. After all the trek, Bhagsu was blissful. We took a bath with our clothes on, and enjoyed the icy cold water. I paid a visit to the tiny old Bhagsu Nath temple on the way, and then shopped a bit.

We finally sat in the cab, and trust me I had never felt more comfortable in a Swift Dzire.

The cab driver took us to the main square, where he parked and we walked a bit to see the local market and the monastery. The local market is very vibrant with street kids, foreigners settled in this part of the land, monks walking everywhere, some of them asking for bheeksha, and of course the lovely weather to make other things more alluring.

A sweet guy Steve, settled in this part of the world from the US, was selling this hat, and while I was trying offered to click this picture. We really find the sweetest of people in Himachal.

We had thugpa and apple cinnamon at khana Nirvana, where we had to rush because it had started to rain. It was a comfortable cafe, but the food was a little on the expensive side.

On our way to the temple it started to rain again, and two wonderful monks shared their umbrellas with us till the monastery. On my way, I asked him about his monk journey, and he opened up! He said that he had a girlfriend for whom he worried, so at the age of 20 he decided to be a monk. Does care and worry teach nothing to us that we need to shun it completely? I still wonder.

We finally got some momos packed for our journey and left. It was one of the most paisa wasool trip of my life. 🙂


Conveyance: Cab – Swift Dzire. Chandigarh – Mc Leodganj – Chandigarh (2N/3D). It took INR 7000 (Including toll and driver’s night charges)

Hotel: Just a one night stay on Friday @Greenwoods Inn for INR1200.

Trekking: Trekked on Saturday. Started at 11AM, and reached the base at about 3PM. Got tents, including sleeping bags, for INR300 per person.

Shopped: Harrem pants for INR200. Cotton Kurta INR175. (I don’t think it could get any cheaper than this!)


Well if you are in that lucky state where you can choose the company for your next trip, I have a few pros and cons listed here. Do let me know if you think I have missed out on something.

The good things about a girls trip are
1. You are more comfortable with them, if you know what kind of people they are. In my case, the other two girls were crazier than me so I was super comfortable. They didn’t really question me when I wanted my lone time, they sort of understood. Also since the three of us were heartbroken so we had a good theme to discuss.
2. You click more pictures than you think. Now most guys always question when you click a selfie or make you feel embarassed if you click too many. Here, one of us always wanted a picture here and there so everyone was super comfortable.
3. All girls understand diet food. Even though most guys do, they think that it is uncool to talk about healthy food, so we generally end up eating some trash.

A few drawbacks of a girls trip are
1. Security. Now no matter how nice the place is, a girl cannot really hang out alone outside. Infact when we reached Mc Leo, I could only see men. I was so confused but later figured that it was only because we reached at 11PM.

2. Guys EAT. Yes, I have this problem because I eat a lot, and I am used to seeing people around who eat even more. But girls don’t eat that much, and the only person who could match my appetite was our taxi driver.

3. We can relax more. So it is a habit of men to take the charge, navigate, guide, know, talk to the receptionist, check the facilities etc. We could do all that but somehow you can behave like a queen when they are around. Nevertheless, we had fun doing all of this. 🙂

4. Mediate fights: A few of my girl friends went on a girl trip, and came back home with so many disturbances. But we can’t be

At the end of this post, my verdict would be “Yay!”

But of course you know your friends, you know your outlook, and also you know your options (I know a lot of girls don’t go for all girls trips). So decide what you want, all girls, mixed or solo, but at the end of the day – do travel.

Public Speaking

This is the story of the 13th century Konya, in the country Turkey, a place where Muslim, Christian, Hindu, and even Buddhist travelers mingled. There was a huge unrest because the multiplicity of the religions, and the divisions among each religion. The place was predominantly dominated by muslims, and they were the ones who administered the entire city.

In that city, there was one man, who gave lectures in the mosques, whose words gave peace to the general public. He was the most revered and the most admired man in the city. His name was Jelaluddin Rumi.

Jelaluddin Rumi was born in the remote town of Balkh, in what is now Afghanistan.
Rumi, at the age of thirty-seven, had become an accomplished doctor of theology, the center of his own divinity school. He was a lover of the beautiful and the good, a scholar, and artist. Although he had such a strature, a good family, and students, he had a longing to know beyond. To solve the mystery that his heart could never unfold.
And in Konya, traveling from miles away was a blessed sufi. Sufis did not have a great reputation back then. When the muslims interpreted the Quran as a book that talked to kill the enemy, the Sufis said that the greatest of enemy for every person was his nafs or the ego. Once we kill the ego, nothing remains to fight for. What remains is sheer bliss and love. But at that time, when so many of the muslim women were abducted, and so many men murdered by the enemies, this seemed like an idea that would further enhance the downfall of their people, and they would not be left with anything at all.

This sufi was Shams of Tabriz. Shams was a strong wandering dervish monk. He lived on the street with laborers and camel drivers. He did not want followers or fame; he only wanted to find one person vast enough in spirit to his companion, someone with whom he could share his love, his wisdom.

He met Rumi in Konya.
As Rumi was riding a donkey through the marketplace, surrounded by disciples, a stranger with piercing eyes stepped from a doorway and seized his bridle. The stranger challenged him:

“Who is greater, Muhammad or Bestami?”

Bestami was an infamous legendary Sufi master given to ecstatic merging with God, then crying out with mystical candor that he and the God were one!

Muhammad was the founder of their tradition, the anointed one, but his greatness resided in his stature as messenger of God, and even when he died he said that he could not know him completely. So who was greater?

Rumi gave the approved answer, “Muhammad.”

“But Bestami said, ‘I am the Glory!’ Muhammad said, ‘I cannot praise you enough!’”

As Rumi was about to reply, he realized that this was no debate. In a dusty marketplace Konya, he had come face to face with the Mystery.

A doorway to eternity flickered open and, Rumi dove through. In an instant of mystical annihilation, fire met fire, ocean met ocean, and Rumi fell into pure being. To the outside world, it is only recorded that, at Shams’ question, Rumi “tumbled from his saddle to the ground, unconscious.”
When Rumi revived, lying on the ground, he answered, “Bestami took one swallow of knowledge and thought that that was all, but for Muhammad the majesty was continually unfolding. Bestami, thus had a small cup and when that was full, he thought it was the end. Mohammed, on the other hand, had a much bigger cup, and thus his thirst for knowledge could not be satiated.”

Shams felt the depth of the answer. This was the one he had sought.

The two began a series of months-long retreats into solitude where they entered into a deep communion of words and silences called sohbet. In multiple ways Shams reminded Rumi that the glory is our inner reality. Love is the religion. The universe is the book. He made him embrace the hated sections of the society such as the prostitutes, the drunkards, the beggars, and reminded him that love was the same for every man alike. Whenever Rumi wanted to ignore his teachings, an unsaid question from Shams would always haunt him, “You revered person, how big is your cup?”
But some of Rumi’s students saw their beloved teacher being spirited away by a madman, and their intrigues forced Shams to leave Konya. Shams was forced into exile several times, but he always returned at Rumi’s request. Finally on December 5, 1247, fanatics in the community took Shams’ life. The body disappeared. Rumi wandered for months – desolate in disbelief that his companion was really gone. One day, he realized there was no longer a need to search. Shams was with him, in him. Rumi embodied the Friendship, the love.
And our quest for knowledge will always depend upon the size of our cup for knowledge.


So I am often in a fix when people at parties are eating chips, nachos, and so many other seemingly tasty things and all I have is salad. The other day, when I got a sponsored notification from Evolve on Instagram regarding their healthy snacks, I was hooked with skepticism since I am too bored of eating bad tasting food in the name of health food. But since I have had so many bad things, I thought to myself, why not try one more thing.

I ended up ordering a long list of snacks because I thought that atleast something would be nice, and it would help all other readers who are getting sponsored notifications like me.

So generally what to buy or what not to buy depends on the likes and dislikes of each person, but I’ll give you my opinion as someone who needs things to eat other than the regular food, something like tea time snacks, travel snacks or midnight snacks.

What I liked:

  1. Coconut Crisp Vanilla: This is just a dreamland dessert! It is organic, perfectly sweet (neither too little nor in excess), and crunchy. I finished this one packet, the day after it came as I couldn’t resist not eating it. A MUST BUY.
  2. Foxnuts: All flavours are good but I especially liked the crax and the tomato flavour. The cheese flavour is very average but the rest are guilt free nutritious chips that can absolutely be used for midnight snacking or with  tea/coffee.

What I did NOT like:

  1. Wheat Puffs: These are horrible. Never buy these. They are very difficult to chew and even if you do it’s not worth the taste/ the time/the money. Just Don’t buy these.
  2. Vegetable Chips: The concept seems very idealistic, but this along with other vegetable chips are not very palatable. They have tried using a lot of flavoring but what fails them is the fact that these are very very hard. I wouldn’t buy them again but yes, it’s worth a shot if you too are fascinated by their offerings like okra chips, cauliflower chips, beetroot chips, etc.

So go ahead and buy the foxnuts and the coconut vanilla because they are really good and more importantly taste good!


I was always fascinated by this city since I had a couple of friends from this place. So, the moment I got a chance to be here, I went!!

The weather in April is terrible. The city is more like an oven, so I tried traveling early mornings to parks and other sightseeing places, had enough water and used #uber throughout.

The first day, I had a lot of office work, so I didn’t travel during the day. For dinner, me and my parents went to Clarks Awadh to attend a wedding. The hotel, I’d say is pretty average. Until now, Clarks Shimla is the most beautiful Clarks property I have seen. So don’t cover this if you are here for a short duration.

Lucknow is not a huge city. You could go from Point A to Point B in max 30mins. And it is a paradise for non veg lovers. I am a vegetarian usually and consume fish sometimes, but whenever I travel, I eat whatever is suggested to understand better the city’s culture and it’s relation with food.

So, in Lucknow, your To-do List should look something like this:

1) Tunday Kebab @ Aminabad. If you happen to be here, and don’t eat Tunday Kebab, I won’t consider your trip to this exotic city complete. They are spicy like most of other things in Lucknow, but are very very tender and have a meaty flavor.

2) Basket Chat @ Royal Cafe. This is the combination of all the chat you’ve ever had. This one chat is a cocktail of chat papdi, gol gappa, the edible sabudana basket, the tikki, the dahi bhalla, and so on. You could have it for brunch in case you are eating alone, or could share it with a couple of more people as I did.

3) Idris ki Biryani @ Chowk. This is one of the most proclaimed biryani of Lucknow. Although I couldn’t eat it, but I have heard that the place is very humble but the biryani is simply amazing.

4) Sharma Tea @ Lalbagh. I went here twice for the tea and bun maska/samosa. I am the last person in my house to give in to any of these maida/deep friend snacks but my FOMO always makes me indulge in everything while I am traveling. The buns are pretty soft and come with unsweetened cream in the center. The samosa too is very crisp and the filling is somewhat juicy unlike other samosa that you encounter.

5) Majlisi Kebab @ Naushijaan, Hazratganj: This is a very spicy gravy like consistency of kebab that can be tried with rumali roti, onions and some soft drink. Although I don’t take cold drinks, but if you do, I have sense that it’ll make a good combination. This place too gets a lot of celebrity visitors.

6) Turkish Ice-cream @ Naushijaan, Hazratganj. This is a tawa ice cream, that are made on iced tawa, then folded like paper into rolls, and are quite nice.

7) Chicken Masala & Chicken Kaali Mirch @ Dastarkhwan, Lalbagh. These are the most celebrated dishes of this joint. Some movies like Daawat-e-Ishq have been shot in this restaurant. I didn’t like the Chicken Kaali Mirch much because it was oily, but it was tender and could be appreciated by someone who doesn’t appreciate spicy food. There is a good seating area in Lalbagh, which isn’t there in Hazratganj, so the Hazratganj outlet is more like a take away/evening street food type of a joint, so plan accordingly.

8) Prakash Kulfi @ Aminabad. I didn’t try this, but if you are a vegetarian, have time and are fond of kulfi/lassi, this should be on your list.

9) Shopping @ Janpath. a) Chikankari suits: The designs of the suits are amazing at Janpath. In case you take any rickshaw/ auto, the driver will take you to Sewa Chikan/Aman Chikan, that give commission to the rickshaw drivers. But unlike those, the quality and styles of the ones at janpath are much better.
b) Ittar @ Sugandco. Lucknow is famous for these natural oil based highly concentrated perfumes. So, if you want to buy some, this is the best shop.

10) Oudhyana, Taj Vivanta: There is street food on one hand, and five stars at the other. But to get the essence of everything, one must dine at least once in these hotels, to get a sip of the aristocratic living in this part of the country. The hotel was minimalistic but pretty. I had the lamb biryani and khush rang paneer along with the crispy onion kulcha, and everything was good but I wouldn’t say great. The ambience was a lottt better than Clarks. If you ask me for one recommendation to eat here, it would be biryani because it had a very pleasant aroma of saffron and the meat was pretty tender.

11) Bara Imambara & Chhota Imambara. Imambara is the place of worship for muslims, and since this city has a lot of culture flowing in from the muslim nawabs, you should visit this part of the city. You’d see old buildings, that are not even maintained properly but that give you goosebumps when you actually start feeling the kind of things that happened there, and that still happen there. Whenever the riots happen among the shias and the sunnis, they happen, on that very road. My advise would be to travel really early in the morning so that you get to see these places and understand the culture at leisure. Timings are 6AM to 5PM, and the fee is Rs. 50. If you don’t have much time, you can skip the bhool bhulaiya in Bara Imambara but cover the rest.

12)Rumi Gate. So, I am a huge fan of Rumi, and thought that this place must have some connect with Rumi – the poet, but to my dismay, this didn’t have any. The nawab had 365 wives, out of whom one of the wife’s name was Rumi, and thus this is on the name of one of his wives. But it is still very encchanting, and you could see this well before you enter Bara Imambara.

13) British Residency. This is pretty close to the imambara, so plan on doing this as well early in the morning. You need to walk a lot here so go in comfortable shoes. I didn’t cover this because I had a paucity of time.

These are my suggestions and my take over the City of Nawabs, Lucknow. If you are expecting a very modern city, it isn’t. If you are expecting, a great crowd on the roads, there isn’t. But if you are looking for a secular country, people good at heart, culture at it’s best, and great food then Lucknow could be the city that you can plan next to visit!


I wish I could tell you how you changed me

I wish you were worthy of knowing it

The glass wall which shields me now

Also keeps me devoid of trust.

Words seem shallow

As if they hold no value

And love is just another word

That artfully slaughters kindness.

I still wonder

Whether I am happy that you left

Or whether I am okay that you lied

I had learnt many lessons

Then why you?

I was, but, vulnerable by choice

But to not just to you.

To give this world a chance.

To patronise my thoughts 

And instead believe

That people were kind.

No, I hold nothing against you!

But only if you weren’t a liar

I could at least respect you

Like others who left.

But I don’t.

I can’t.

For you stirred all those quiet waters within me

With no intentions of rowing through

With no care for the me

Or for the goodness

That you didn’t know you were blessed with.

And I, the forever naive, longed for you.

Not because I longed for love

But because I longed for hope.

~Namita Satija