His eyes were sunlight
Warming her ice cold body
She wanted heat
But was content being frozen
She was the mermaid
In the pond of fear
Scared of going outside
But also scared to live inside
Hiding from the peeking sun
But peeking from the corner under the bush
He was too generous despite her ego
But she didn’t want change
After all, not she but nobody knew
If she belonged to the land of courage
Or the pond of fear.

Namita Satija


I am a health freak who is huge fan of subway mostly because it fills my tummy and also gives me a lot of taste! I generally avoid cheese and mayo sauces but have all vegetables.

Today, I was awfully tired and went to get my regular Tuna sandwich and I was surprised to see them sell wraps. Fascinated but with a bit of caution as I wasn’t sure if it was going to be sumptuous for my gigantic hunger, I decided to go for my sandwich. After the sandwich my mind was still there on the wraps and owing to my huge appetite, I decided to have one wrap.

I ordered Veg Wrap which cannot be customized like subway sandwiches. It was made of multigrain and had the filling of “chatpata chana”. But I was DISAPPOINTED! ūüôĀ

I love Voodoo wraps by Dunkin Donuts which are much more sumptuous than this and also tastes better and are healthier. The fried chatpata chana was a thumbs down and the overall texture and feel was just average. Although it is really cheap and comes at Rs 60, I am sure this is just the introductory price. And yes, Dunking Donuts Voodoo wraps are for about Rs 175, so that ways this is okay.

But the last thing that I want is a bad dish, it just tastes like a sub (not made of your choice) served in a small chapati.

I haven’t tried the Non vegetarian one though. Please tell me how that is!image


Few words like empathy are better felt than explained. I felt that it was one such day for me.

There has been a dog who was trembling in Chandigarh winters since days. He has some serious skin infection thus not loved by anybody around. Until a few days back, even I saw him as a puupy who may or may not survive this harsh north summer. And as I don’t like to meddle much with what is happening around, thinking that I can’t change anything, I just sat and waited to see how his life went.

Just a couple of days later, my cousin visited my place and saw the pup outside. Unlike me was very moved by what he saw, what he saw was a responsibility. If anything is happening infront of your eyes and you don’t do anything about it, it’s lack of your responsibility, right? I still believe that you can’t change anything but the lesson I learnt from him was trying our best. So I decided to feed him with turmeric milk and bread thinking that it might cure his skin infections to a certain extent.

Yesterday, I saw him shivering while I gave him food. I wanted him to wear a coat which my dog wears. He needs it more than my dog and spending a couple of hundreds would not be a big deal for me, I thought. My cousin had an extra dog coat and he especially came to my place and gave it to me.

This morning I tried hard, very hard, to hold him and make him wear the dog coat but I couldn’t. He was trembling, shrieking and pissing while I tried to go near him. It just wouldn’t let me come close to him, leave aside touch him. I asked a few kids from the neighborhood to help me hold him but he shrieked even more. We ran in circles for about 1 hour but¬†the entire effort went down the drain. I ended up wondering that I just gave this dog more trauma than any good. I then started to just call him¬†by kisses and a mellow tone and luckily he forgot about the trauma that we all caused him¬†and I got him home but still to be able to touch him was very far away. Also, now I didn’t want him to shriek anymore as I was already fraught with the guilt of what had just happened. Fortuitously, another dog came who was his friend and mine too! I saw some hope in keeping my¬†patience. I started to pet the other stray dog to make him believe that I wasn’t going to harm him and slowly, although I still had to exert a little force I managed to put the¬†coat on him, which impaired his movement to an extent. I then touched him on his head, he shrieked. A part of me broke down thinking that that little thing had never felt love. Slowly, after shrieking for¬†a minute or two, he accepted me or my touch¬†and I made him wear the entire coat and gave him a name, Spotty.

I wish we all get a chance to see how beautiful love is. And how devoid of happiness could¬†someone’s life be if you don’t act at the right place. I am not sure if it makes you weak, it probably does and I am not sure if it was right to feed him with love. But he did come to see me again which means he liked it. Even if I or he do not exist tomorrow, we would be a little more happy, for I got love and so did he.


imageHave you ever thought of going back to childhood and experiencing all those simple things that brought endless joy? Something like, crossing your neighbor’s wall, skipping multiple terrace, planning random pranks, helping your friends to achieve the common goals of mischief? Well, if you miss any of those, welcome to the Devil’s Circuit. I think the name is such because all adults feel cool to be associated to devils more than angels and it adds more to the swag but for me, especially since I was participating in the non-competitive category, it was more like I felt I¬†was 8 again!

There were a set of 15 hurdles, some of which I could do well, some of which I couldn’t. Some of them were from Tikeshi’s Castle while some from some military event I had seen in a couple of movies and instantly felt like doing. One of them felt like I was a man and I was escaping my girlfriend’s dad through some water pipe. Not to forget, I did it again to master the art! But it was all WORTH IT!

Careless, as I often get, I lost the cool tee that they gave me but the brighter side is that the organizer promised to get it couriered for me. Yay! Thanks Adnan, if you are reading this. But I think, it was a moment for me to see how sweet he was, else I could not have interacted with him.

Since I am an Infosys employee and we got some 100 registrations, the team offered us a discount of 40%. And like it always holds true, since every penny gets it’s worth after a girl gets a discount, I feel that everyone must experience it once. I have asked my dad to come along with me next time since he is an ex-army personnel. I absolutely LOVED it!

I came back home with my clothes entirely dirty so you MUST take an extra pair of clothes when you go there else your car would need a service again!

Lastly, after doing it, I felt what they have all over their brand #IAMEXTRAORDINARY. ūüôā


Today, I had a chance of attending an event organized by Global Shapers, Chandigarh. The key panelists were Mr. Devinder Sharma, Mr. Arunabha Ghosh, Mr. Jyoti Kamal, Ms Sarika and Mr. Ishteyaque Amjad. It was moderated by Venkat. These are all prominent people at the level of decision making in media, at local, corporate and global levels.

The conversation started with a point that I truly believe in. If hunger is a problem and grains are rotting, then where is the problem? The problem actually lies in distribution. But are we that apathetic to human beings at large that those who see can’t take the action of distributing? Mr. Jyoti Kamal said something which was very logical that media drops the issue when the solution is round the corner because people get bored of reading/hearing such news daily. But what does a common man has? Maybe hearts and hashtags. And that is enough, in the digital age. Silence will only increase the problem. Just don’t think what will/won’t work but keep doing.

One of the important avenue where we see awareness is an initiative like raahgiri. Initially, maybe it’s just awareness but later it could take shape of maybe hundreds of Sarikas!

And then we reached a point where we introspected as to why don’t people care when they know that issues exist. The answer that the younger generation gave was due to ineffective law enforcement and snobbish attitudes. But my view is why enforce law? It is after all something that somebody thought was good to administer people but why has it become so crucial that if we don’t see cops, we feel we can do anything. Chandigarh is in a better position than other Indian cities but if even Chandigarh needs more enforcement than what will happen to other cities? The real way would be to sensitize people, to tell them that humanity is nothing but brotherhood. We need more empathy. And yes, we are all cousins, no? We may fight with each other sometimes but we do care about them.

Be honest with yourself, and then see and deal with the problem. The problem is not the government, the problem is not even your neighbor, the problem is you and me. The question is of convenience.


Everyone you meet on the street is a different person. They are not just a person, they are a story. They are as complex as you are and they are as simple as you are. Mostly they would need affirmations and love. They would need food and water. They would need a hug and a smile. It is as simple as that. Rest is a long story. It’s as old as they are. They have been through it every single second of their lives. It’s like a lizard, you judge it just for looking creepy but ultimately it has had it’s own struggles and it’s not his fault to look creepy. Even if you can’t treat them well, don’t hurt them. They have had a life of humans disliking them. Please just don’t be one. After all, even it has stuck to this planet like you have. You are not flying outside, right?