Public Speaking

There was once an ordinary young girl. Dynamic, confident and pretty. She felt she could rule the entire world but with every step that she took, there were people in the background, laughing. If she was decent at college, they would talk about her dress. If she was wearing something beautiful, they’d say she doesn’t focus on studies. So they kept on saying things that were not true. She was brave but not enough. So the next step she took, she was cautious and afraid. So imagine the first time if she had taken up a task as simple as running she ran 10 miles. Then after she was afraid of critique, she ran 9, then 8 and 7 and 6. Slowly, she became a part of the part of the world that was timid and dull.

But she was happy in a way. She could laugh with people. She could relate to people. She was not scorned now. She blended very well with the world. But there was a slight problem, not a very serious one though. Also, it was hard to identify the problem. She was sometimes sad when alone. She could not be alone. Thus the remedy she found was to avoid thinking about her problem and instead focus on other people, her friends. Fair enough. But a small problem of loneliness is not generally a small problem. It’s a seed. A seed to a sad life.

One afternoon, she had her common mood swing. Accidentally, she was in front of the mirror. She looked into her own eyes and cried. She could see that her eyes were weak. As if they had lost a battle. She thought about it, more and more and she could not find the reason but it was as if her eyes were telling her a story that she could not understand.

Later in the evening, she went out with her friends. They were all talking about their managers, not in a very good way. She thought about it, her manager was not bad. What she could not stop thinking about was the afternoon, her own eyes, weak and lost. Lost to a battle. Lost by choice.

What happened?

Do you remember that laugh that comes in the background of a comedy show? “Ha ha ha ha ha” “He he he he he”

Now what is comedy to most is the inability to understand life. It’s the inability to understand people. But mostly the inability to understand the differences.

What happened to this girl? She was laughed for reasons unknown. She was scorned for her way of life. She was scorned for her enthusiasm. She was called a slut for looking pretty. She was confused with arrogance for her confidence. And termed a hypocrite for being kind.

But after she came back from that party, she looked into the mirror again. For half an hour straight. Without thinking about anybody else other than the woman that she was seeing in the mirror. She talked to herself after a very long time. She talked about what she liked and what she hated. She told herself that she was stupid but lovely. She saw how her smile came from the corner of her lips. She laughed and cried at the same time. She felt as if she was behaving like a horse that wanted to run in the field but was going ahead in a group that was led by the carriage of the society. Suddenly, the laughs of the people started daunting at the back of her mind because she knew that any individualistic thought would be scorned but she then decided to raise the little voice of her own, it was her mind afterall, she could do what she wanted. Until yesterday, she thought she was happy but today she was content. She understood the story of her eyes. All her friends were satisfied with what she was doing but she wanted to do something else. She quietly opened her old diary and began to write how she felt and what she wanted to do. This time, she was working for the girl in the mirror.

Whenever you feel that life is taking it’s toll on you, give Lord Shani 10 bottles of vodka and walk around the peepal tree for 108 times, kripa will follow!

On a serious note, it’s very simple. Don’t read your horoscope. Don’t rush to your friend. Go to the loo. Stand straight. Smile. Admire your smile. Look into your eyes. See what thoughts spark the light in your eyes. And just work on those thoughts. You will never have a fairytale to tell if you don’t spark the light in your eyes and let it burn the passion in your heart. Think what your fairytale could be and starting today, you play your character right. At the end of the day, you are left with none other than the person you see in the mirror, make her happy!


Today, I accidentally got a chance to watch Neerja. A film on the life of a young girl, played by the simple looking Sonam Kapoor, who died as a hero at the age of 23. I am a girl and what moves me is strength. Strength of the highest order according to me is mental strength. No matter where you are, what you are doing, you can exhibit how strong you are mentally. I recently heard Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s speech that Lord Ram or Lord Jesus Christ were not successful because of what they accomplished in their lives, their lives were full of hardships and Jesus Christ was even killed. But even then, their mental stamina did not take a plunge. They behaved in the best way they could, and in fact Jesus Christ forgave people who were killing them saying, ” Forgive him for he does not know what he does”. They were the real heroes. I think vengeance and hate is losing it’s charm of being heroic now.

Coming back to the movie, it showcased a bubbly girl, an excerpt from her past, and the hijacking instance. People were shot in front of her but she did not lose her stability. He went on to perform her duty. She was a hero till her last breath. The emotions of a young girl captured very well. She was scared yes, but she never behaved in a selfish manner. What went through her family, how others felt of her bravery was captured well. She was not a hero who could fight 10 people together. She was the kind of brave that we all can be on a every day basis.

It was also about her family, who always served as the backbone of her strength. Social stigmas attach very quickly on to a middle class family but her family always supported her through thick and thin. Her mother’s character played by Shabana Azmi, displayed the gentle heart of a typical Punjabi mother. She did a fabulous job in making my heart skip a beat with her each screen presence.

She was not extraordinary but she did not make ordinary choices.

Thanks to the makers of this film and a salute to the young girl. Thank you.

Movie Rating: 4/5.


It is a very sad state of the society that we are distinguishing lives. Survival of the fittest is true but even when we don’t have any hunger, we don’t mind being ruthless. We, as a society are fragmented. We are not one when the reality is that we are one. There are a number of perspectives of being ruthless. Brahma Kumaris would say, the person who is ruthless to others is harming himself more than others. While some may feel that it was justified anger, the others say that we need to fight. So, let there be a protest.

I had no idea as to what this was all about until I reached the Kendriya Vihar, Sector 48, Chandigarh yesterday. It was about 5.30 and the dusk had began to mask the city for a few to illuminate their hopes by lighting candles. According to my understanding, there was a dog who was a bit more naughty than others. A dog who would run after running children but not harm them. He would growl but that’s just his style, after all, all dogs, birds and men have their own ways. A few kids, who would have never kept or played with dogs were scared. A few kids also played with this dog. He was happy until one day, a group of men decided to teach him a lesson for his way of life. The caught him, tied his legs with a rope and on to a tree and hit him ruthlessly for hours. Until, I can just guess since nobody can find him, he probably died. To some who hit this dog, it was a simple death of a dog who should have been punished for his behavior but their behavior must not be questioned since he was a dog who could have very well died by coming under a car, that’s what their destiny is like. But to the others who love dogs, it was a crime. To me, it was a failure of humanity and empathy.

We, as a society just proved our intolerance for other and the need of law. This intolerance is a proof of the fact that if there were no laws against killing and we could have punished anyone or killed anyone, we would have done it without thinking twice. But not those who matter to no one, not those who do not have a voice and lastly not those whose death didn’t make money for someone. We are all here for exchange and hoarding. Everything is on SALE. Your dignity, your values, your ethics but also your ego. That little innocent thing, who just played in his own way but never harmed anyone died for nothing. Cows, chickens, pigs and other harmless lives get slaughtered for something, atleast they are consumed. But this one? It was just killed to light fire to someone’s ego and pride.

Let there be light. Let there be sensitivity. Let there be love.



As he came closer
She could smell
That she had taken a dive
And was falling fiercely
She instantly closed her eyes
Her senses fueled with anxiety
Driven by the fusion of his warmth,
His breath and his body mist
Infused with the warmth of her own breath
She was floating in the air
Enjoying the sudden outburst of emotions
Not realizing where she was headed
Until finally she opened her eyes
To finally find her home

Namita Satija