There is so much of this turmoil
Heart beating faster
It wants to give in, Listen to his voice
Seek the comfort of his words
Kiss him, hug him, cry with him
While his arms reassure her
That he is here to stay
He is not a liar
He just knows love, nothing else
He wants to break the distance
Run to her, hold her hard
Hurting her a little with that hard hug
Telling her she is stupid of the highest order
And kissing her endlessly.
But she stays numb
She gets lost in the dark night.
Hoping for a bright amber morning.

~Namita Satija

Public Speaking

As a little girl, I loved cartoons. I had a firm belief that I would find the magical lamp. And when I rub it hard, a big blue balloon shaped guy would be flying in my room and waiting to fulfill my wistful wishes. And to your astonishment, I did find one. It was in my grandmother’s old house. I slowly went ahead to get it, very slowly took it in my hands, rubbed the lamp and boom! Can you guess what happened? My cousins entered the room and they couldn’t stop laughing at me and my imagination.

Good evening, contest chair, judges and all those of you who have secretly wished to find the lamp.

Just like any dreamy child, I had 2 goals in my life one academics two, sports. But my belief in wishes, genies and the shooting stars was far more than the clichéd way of achieving success. I thought they can protect me from embarrassment and failure. One night while I was busy with my usual star gazing, to my good luck, I found the shooting star. I quickly closed my eyes and prayed for myself to top in English.

Now came the judgment day and the teacher called out my roll number “Roll No. 23“. I marched with my shoulders high to the teacher expecting my star to have done its magic but to “my surprise”, I flunked. Apparently not studying was more powerful than the shooting star.

3 years later, when I was past all the genies and shooting stars and I started enjoying English literature, I scored the maximum in my class.

Now during my early schooling years, I was a FAT KID and not the fancy kind of fat we crib about now but to put it to shape, if people resemble a cylinder, I resembled a sphere, I was a cute chubby kid (PICTURE- PROP). In school, people used to love the games period but for me it was a nightmare. I was the last one to be picked for a football team and the only reason they would ever pick me up was if they actually needed a football.

I used to believe one wish could help me, but I was wrong. I wished I was slimmer, I wished I was like Tendulkar because he was the only sportsman I knew & I wished to be better than every person I saw. A new day, a new benchmark, a new wish.

But 12 years forward, just a couple of weeks back I won the marathon, 2 months ago I hit the winning runs for the infy cricket team.

Going 5 years back, when I was preparing for my MBA entrances, there was this guy who was the superman of mathematics ……… and I was struggling with Maths. He gave me a lot of attention which led me to doing the same. A heart shaped balloon starting inflating in my mind and I placed both of us in that cocoon. After a good 10 months of living in that balloon, I found him drifting away. I called him, got a message “the number you are trying is busy” *toon toon toon*. I called again, the same. I dropped a message *hand gesture 10*. Now I could see a pin with the wings of a devil flying towards my heart shaped balloon bursting it away and leaving me berserk. I had a flashback. My laughing cousins, the school sports period and every little silly moment of mine.

But again fast forwarding 3 years where I made myself the woman and even the man of my dreams, he called back, all chatty and dreamy but this time we had our laughs he fell for me and even I fell for…. Well myself.

We all have struggles and we all make wishes. We all wish life was simple. We all wish that we were richer and better. And the tragedy is we all judge by a win or loss. Success is overrated. And so are almonds. Just like success doesn’t give you much to learn, almonds don’t make you wise. What makes you learn is failure. Failure is not easy, in fact they will make you worse before they make you better. But I still say fail, I bless that you fail and I ask you to wish me failure. Because I know wishes won’t work but failures most likely would. And if they do, those failures would make me stronger than ever before because the only rule in life is to not quit. And now I am ready for it. Are you?

Public Speaking

Just imagine the time of war when you are on a battlefield, there is blood everywhere… your troops are moving forward…from days you haven’t eaten enough… you are tired. you have to move forward. Suddenly there is a divine intervention but you are put in a dilemma. You are given a choice either a gun oooorrrrr  a triple chocolate cheesecake.  What will you do..???

Good afternoon, my fellow Toastmasters, contest chair and judges.

I had a theory that life is short, so eat the dessert first. But turns out that life is like a jar of jalepenos, what you do today might burn your ass tomorrow. So what do we do?

Have you been at the crossroads in your life? You would have to choose between your lovely mom or that lucrative onsite assignment.

There was once someone whom I loved and with whom I dreamt about my life. Someone whom I used to define who I was. Someone who wrote poems for me. He brought me a diamond bracelet. And a blue dress because blue was his favorite color. Someone who loved taking my pictures. Someone who said, he can’t stop thinking about me. We talked about everything, small or big! I didn’t know why we discussed his room-mate made who made sounds while eating and how I was responsible for it when he was annoyed, but the only logical solution was to take the responsibility of it and make him feel loved. We talked every day, 40 times. When he didn’t perform well in his exams, I told him that he was the best. He shouted at me that I was lying but I proved it to him every single time. He got apprehensive. I loved. He got mad. I loved. He slapped me, I kissed him. From my first salary, I bought him a wallet. I called him, but I got a message “The number you’re calling is busy. Please try again later.” *toon toon toon* I waited, assuming he was busy. And waited and then called. Dropped a message. Called. Dropped another message, another message another message and then called again. I waited wearing that bracelet and the blue dress that he gave me. I waited for months with the doors open and the lights on from where he walked out with another girl.

He broke me and now I was just some scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. So many questions left unanswered. I was a grain of sand in a desert where there were a lot of ways but not a direction.

Life is not a cheesecake, it is like a jar of jalepenos. It will not be sweet but spicy. I was in a dilemma to choose the man that hurt me or a life without the person whom I loved. But it was still not as difficult as the dilemma of a 23 year old girl trying to put a smile on her face when chemo takes away her lovely locks. But still it will not be as difficult as the dilemma of a soldier who is trying to save millions and knows that the next chase could bring his little daughter to tears.

When you are at any crossroad, no matter how difficult or easy there is nothing but one simple rule to follow. Take a step. Don’t stop, don’t wait. Just take a step. If life seems too tough to go ahead, take step. When the road is foggy and the path is not visible, take a step. And the great Charlie Chaplin who… said “You’ll find life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.” Let smile be your first step. I am not saying that that little step will be easy. Infact when you take the first step, it will get worse before it gets better. That one step will feel like dying a million times and every inch of you will scream at you to stop, to go back. But you, don’t you give in. Take a step. Just after that one step, life is waiting for you. Keep walking. It will get easier, It will get better. Just try and take a step.

Public Speaking

Imagine when you were born, just imagine what your parents must have felt. Oh we have this little thing is in our hands, something that we just created and even though we created it but just don’t know how!

Those little fingers, those little eyes, yes, they make you go speechless and that little child doesn’t even know what he wants from this world. He doesn’t know that in the future he will have a FB account and is unaware of what pretty or ugly even means. He just exists, breathes and doesn’t even know what it means to breathe. There is a raw soul which if nourished can make him rule the world in the time to come, can make her the biggest diva of her time, can make her an entrepreneur, but all of this depends on the ability of the parents.

I am none of this. What I am today, is someone average. I am probably someone like you, or you, someone who is doing better than the majority of the world but someone who is still not at the top. In the journey of a child’s life parents have the greatest role to play. Don’t you think? Even when the child is there in the womb, they take extreme precautions to safeguard it’s life. Then after she is born, they look at her all needs from food to clothing to making her happy. They slowly then leave her to the best school they can send them to. Leaving them alone for the first time is devastating but they do it anyway. Slowly then, she grows up to be this person who can have independent thoughts. The parents are then so proud of what they did. Really?? Do you think so?! I think that is the time where they take a step back and think, where did we go wrong??!

I wanted to be a designer, a painter or a journalist. My family wanted me to be a doctor. I cried to get it changed and agreed to do an MBA, their second choice of career for me. Now, I wanted to marketing, sales and branding, they wanted me to study finance, accounts and derivatives. I know it sounds really cool to say, “My daughter has done her masters in Finance and derivatives” but hello? Just ask if she is happy, please?

This might just sound like a long tale against my parents who stopped me from being the best designer in the world but I have more to say. There are stories glorified and there are stories that are untold. This is the era of speaking against your parents and doing what you want to do. Their philosophies are old but their hearts are pure. Their ideas are conservative but their aspirations much more.

The truth is that no parents are good parents and the reality is that no parents are bad parents because no matter what they do, we will find something unique in Chintu’s mom and compare her with our mom. No matter what our dad bought for us, we can never stop thinking of the pencil box that Pintu had. Go back to that story of a newly born child, where he doesn’t know what it means to shit and pee but keeps doing that till the time his parents give him, <> the potty training and he realizes that he can’t keep shit deposits in his pants else he can’t walk for long reasons for all reasons you can imagine. (nose gesture)

It is a weird analogy but when your parents give you a piece of their mind, you can’t keep that in your pants as well. If they scold you, forgive them with the points that they earned by staying awake endless nights for you. Whatever they do, it’s just because they care. But do we care?

Do we care when our mom asks us to eat an extra spoonful of ghee or butter, even if you are on a strict diet?

Do we care when our dad asks us to wear an extra jacket when it’s cold even if you think that it would look horrible?

Just FYI, now I am sorted out and have absolutely no grudge against my parents! It’s not because I have come to terms with it but because I know that in their hearts they wish the best for me. Our parents are the first ones to hold our little fingers, so can’t we hold their hands when they wrinkle? Make the most of it. They all fear old age homes, if possible love them when they need you. You know they love you, in fact, all parents love their children but yes, a few respect them and all children respect their parents but a very few forgive them. Do forgive them for the little things that you think they didn’t do right because in your heart, you know that they tried their best.


Well if you have ever been to Kaya Skin Clinic, you would know the drink that they serve in those dark brown cups. It is absolutely very refreshing and they serve it like their very personal thing but now it has been decoded!


  • Water: 500 ml
  • Cinnamon: 5-6 sticks
  • Lemon: 1
  • Honey: 100g
  • Green Apple syrup (Optional)

Boil the water with cinnamon until you see the water brown in shade. Let it cool for sometime. Add honey, lemon and a tsp of Green apple soda.

Tadaaa! It is done. Enjoy!