Hello Happiness
Are you for real?
Or are you just wearing a mask
With an impending pain?
Come closer
Let me see your pretty face,
Is it make up or are you for real?
Please don’t lie, will you?
I am scared, can’t you see?
Just be friend and no more.
Don’t come closer
Don’t assure me of everything
I know you can’t do.
I have known promises
Of dreams to snug and play
But they play
Not literally from the very start.
You are different, are you?
Don’t make me greedy.
Your love is a gamble
A price too high,
With my resistance too low
I am happy, and content.
And can love you,
Only if you stay forever.
I think you are okay
But still my heart says no.
You will?? Will you?
Are you sure?
I take your yes
with a mighty grain of salt.
Oh you were lying!
I always knew
But wished you were not.
But off that mask,
In the pool of lies
How will you survive?
Living in your skin?
Is it stinking?
Does your soul cry?
In your dreams
Thinking of what all you do?

~Namita Satija