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Today, again

I looked at his pictures

His smiling face

Yet again

After a few days

And a few months

As a few years pass by

Just to remember

How love tasted

The flaws in love

The lost dizzy evenings

The volcano of feelings

Which ousted with every word

You said to me

Good or bad

Dear or mundane

The song of your voice

And your humming that old song

And how I melted,

Erupted and evaporated

As I sat beside you.

Noticing every movement of your finger

And how it made patterns

On the Steering wheel

As if you hands shed love

As your eyes craved for my gaze

As I made them run

On far off lands

Just to see how far you’d come

To keep them with yourself.

And now, I am far

Very far away from you

But on some dry days

I still look at your pictures

I see you smile

Without me by your side

And that smile still triggers

A volcano in my tiny heart

Shattering some dreams

But leaving at least half of the frame

In which you rest

Your face over another shoulder

Soothing the spur of emotions

And leaving vicarious happiness

Because that’s what I learnt

When you left

To give and To smile

~Namita Satija