I had half a day to myself and I was to cover these two places. Thankfully I had a cab and a wonderful driver Rajan. Why I call him wonderful is that he was more excited than myself to cover these places even though he was a native and a 58 year old! The speed at which he was driving was consistent and comfortable. He had a heart surgery but never shirked work, and his eldest daughter lived with him along with her children as her husband died 7 years ago. But he told me none of these things until I asked him who he was. That’s the characteristic of special people I think, they don’t reveal who they are until you really want to know them. He was born and brought up in Burma but could never get the visa while he was working in the army. He was eagerly waiting for his retirement so that one fine day he could actually go and stay with his relatives.

So, before I tell you what I did, let me tell you what the plan was.

Leave Chennai, see the Snake Park, then the crocodile park, then the Golden beach, explore Mahabalipurm, reach Pondicherry, try French food at Pondicherry, visit Paradise beach and Promenade, and then finally explore auroville and come back.

But after we left the park, we realized that we were very very off this perfect schedule. So I’ll tell you what we did.

Left Chennai, explored Mahabalipurm a bit- only the temple and the seven rathas, reached Pondicherry, tried French food at Baker’s Street (it was good!), visited Paradise beach (Decent!) and Promenade(Decent again), and then finally came back.

Although this was way less than what we wanted to try, but nevertheless we learnt our lesson.

If I had to do it again, I would

Go to the snake park, the crocodile park (those are intriguing creatures), the golden beach (I have heard it is really beautiful, but this again is a guess!), skip Mahabalipuram completely ( just because I am not a history person and it is way to hot to roam about outdoors!), skip promenade, visit Auroville beach and never miss the French food or the beach.

This was the litmus test result of what I really liked.

Try the last schedule if you have a day, I think you would like it! 🙂