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What can I say about Dehradun, because I was there for about one day but it definitely did play to the tunes of my heart.♥️

Since I was traveling alone, a great tip that one of my friends has shared is to travel via a government vehicle. I took a Volvo which I had missed initially and got hold of only because of my dad’s excellent bus chasing skills!

You know it’s been long that I was home, and though home is special, one does always gets a little homesick every now and then. 👻

I sat on the bus only to realize that the ticket I had bought was for the next month, so I bought a new one 650 rupees I think and immediately canceled the other reservation online, the money for which I received in 5 weeks, but eventually I am happy that I did!

I know this goes against travelers but I am not very comfortable with bus journeys. I feel it churns my stomach and though I have no record of throwing up, I feel very very dizzy a couple of hours into the journey, even though this route wasn’t at any elevation. In my defence if I could run and reach Dehradun, I would have done it, but bus journey only because I am not rich, and unlike what many of you think, my trips are NOT sponsored!

And again, a lot of you guys ask me how do I travel, guys it’s on my own money. Bloggers’ life does sound cool, but trust me mixing passion and work is never a good idea. Of course you should be passionate about your work, but I feel I can’t put a price tag for my fun. It should be free unless of course it’s something that I cannot afford! 😂

Summary be that though I dislike bus journeys but I always try to like them. 😅

Four and a half hours of that bumpy bus journey and I was in that beautiful city. The wait was worth it.

I was staying at a dear friend’s home so while I was waiting to kill my time, I decided to do what I love to do. Eat. I hogged on a plate of spicy momos because I’ve heard Dehradun is all about momos. It’s the land of momos!

To be honest, I liked them wherever I had them in the city and these ones too were no less.

My friend came with her dad in sometime time, and oh my God, how kind were they! Uncle was a sweetheart, pulling my friend’s leg every now and then, and trying to figure out why was I there just for a day and wouldn’t stay for longer. There are only a few people who mean this genuinely and you have to value them.

I am a lot into signs and vibes. If I like something or someone, I just go with my first instinct. I have been in trouble because of it but hey water doesn’t change when in front of fire so I shouldn’t let my past make me stop from loving new people if I feel they have a good vibe. I loved him from the core of my heart. A very sweet and a simple man.

I reached her home and her mom was even more sweet! She got me tea, and I was sold with her beautiful voice, elegant saree and charm. We were to attend a function there and gosh it was something!

Ignore my ignorance but how I know functions are is that in a function you basically go to hog, and you know nobody or someone to whom you say some pleasantries and hope to not see again so you can focus back on the food. But here my friend and her mom knew everyone! No kidding. Feet touching, talking and genuinely asking each other about their lives! That still happens somewhere and this is one reason I appreciated the culture a lot. I am sure this could be a one of event but with the number of people party to one event, I am sure they must be spread around the city and contributing to the beautiful city that this is.

We gossiped the night until I fell asleep. I really love this girl. Such a pleasure to hear her last before sleeping.

The next day was practically the only day I had.

Breakfast: Stuffed Prawnthee of Gahad ki daal is probably the best stuffed roti I have had. It felt like kachori but healthier. I had two and then I was almost sorted for the day! If you ever get to try this, please do and thank me later. ☺

Tea at Tapri: So some people don’t like to do this but I love the casual ambience of this. Dogs sitting around, waiting for someone to give them a pack of biscuits or egg, people in their busy lives stopping for a while, smokers looking for respite and thoughts, vendors trying to make clients and thus serving with a heartfelt smile, and nobody pretending to be fancy or having etiquettes – Tapri is my favourite spot to spend a good time.

Riverfront Cottage: So I may sound a bit thrifty but we just went on the riverfront and spent some three hours looking at the river and not ate anything.

The view of the mountains, the sound of the river, and the innocence of the stray dogs was enough to keep me entertained.

Maggi point: If you don’t find enough mountains in Dehradun, take a drive for half an hour and reach here.

This place is very easy on your pocket and serves you with momos, North Indian, South Indian, tea, juices and of course Maggi! I had a plate of momos and an uttapam and was pretty happy with the free view.

Shiva Temple: So I could be threatened to write this here, but this Temple was constructed by some Mafia to repay for his deeds, and they don’t accept any donations. Also they give you amaaaazing prasad of kheer with matthi and chai.

If you know me a little you would know how crazy I am about tea, and well if they give prasad as Tea, well the temple easily made me believe in God! Jokes apart, the temple has a beautiful vibe to it.


Forest Research Institute: This place is grand, which is why a lot of Bollywood movies have been shot here, such as Student of the year.

You can get great pictures clicked here, but the night gets too dark so you didn’t see enough of my pictures from this place.

Bengali Sweets: Every city is getting commercial sweet shops, but the local ones must be tried. My friend got me Bal Mithai (Hailing from Kumaoni) and Singori (Hailing from Garhwal). I don’t have a sweet tooth but for people who do these are a must try!

Angeethi: So these guys have the most amazing momos in the land of momos.

For the first time in my life I had such good tandoori momos, and I am salivating even after writing this post after a month of actually having the momos! We had the it all in chicken, mutton, and veg.

Home chicken: After a long day’s of work, when your mouth does not understand spices and flavours anymore, all you need is simple and tasty food, something that your mom would cook. This was exactly like that with a twist of the mountains, what else can one ask for! Uncle then got us the sugariest paans that I have ever eaten, wrapped in a leaf. These were also the biggest paans I have ever eaten!

Breakfast and fun at Bus Stand: Roti and Sabzi right before you board a bus is probably the best idea so you don’t puke! Had loads of fun with friends at the Bus Stand, clicking pictures and talking about my great decision of taking this trip!

Doon, see you soon!