Namita Satija, is a girl with a good heart and high hopes.

I love talking to strangers and understanding their mystery. If you happen to like this site, please share something about yourself.

To define her, is to contain her. She likes being a wanderer, wearing different hats at different times.


  1. Abhijit

    I have been reading this blog for a while
    I follow your Instagram posts and not just for your smile
    I love your words, your thoughts, your verse
    They speak to my soul, they do converse
    I like the pattern they create
    With the spectrum of ideas they cognate
    I would like to ‘like’ this page
    So that I might much more engage
    In banter, ideas and perspective
    That could keep us captive
    For days or weeks on end
    Which would help me ascend
    To heights which I could evolve
    To riddles of life, I could solve
    Well adios for today
    I shall come to visit this page another day…


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