All girls trip – Yay or Nay?

Well if you are in that lucky state where you can choose the company for your next trip, I have a few pros and cons listed here. Do let me know if you think I have missed out on something.

The good things about a girls trip are
1. You are more comfortable with them, if you know what kind of people they are. In my case, the other two girls were crazier than me so I was super comfortable. They didn’t really question me when I wanted my lone time, they sort of understood. Also since the three of us were heartbroken so we had a good theme to discuss.
2. You click more pictures than you think. Now most guys always question when you click a selfie or make you feel embarassed if you click too many. Here, one of us always wanted a picture here and there so everyone was super comfortable.
3. All girls understand diet food. Even though most guys do, they think that it is uncool to talk about healthy food, so we generally end up eating some trash.

A few drawbacks of a girls trip are
1. Security. Now no matter how nice the place is, a girl cannot really hang out alone outside. Infact when we reached Mc Leo, I could only see men. I was so confused but later figured that it was only because we reached at 11PM.

2. Guys EAT. Yes, I have this problem because I eat a lot, and I am used to seeing people around who eat even more. But girls don’t eat that much, and the only person who could match my appetite was our taxi driver.

3. We can relax more. So it is a habit of men to take the charge, navigate, guide, know, talk to the receptionist, check the facilities etc. We could do all that but somehow you can behave like a queen when they are around. Nevertheless, we had fun doing all of this. 🙂

4. Mediate fights: A few of my girl friends went on a girl trip, and came back home with so many disturbances. But we can’t be

At the end of this post, my verdict would be “Yay!”

But of course you know your friends, you know your outlook, and also you know your options (I know a lot of girls don’t go for all girls trips). So decide what you want, all girls, mixed or solo, but at the end of the day – do travel.

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