An afternoon with Hardy Sandhu | For Crossblade, Chandigarh

So recently I got a chance to meet this beautiful person on earth, Mr Hardy Sandhu. Okay, so he is just like a handsome young man, whose face shines brightly, confident and grounded.

I met him in an Uber Ride and he was there to promote his Crossblade event, but I managed to have a decent conversation with him.

So for those of you, who think he is just a singer, let me tell you, he was a cricketer for good 12 years of his life. 12 years, just ask yourself here, how many years have you been in your career? Can you still try to get your dream job? I I were you, I would have said Yes, but I’d urge you to read his story.

So 12 years, mornings, afternoons, evenings, playing cricket- batting, bowling, catches, fielding, warm up, and what not, he reached a decent level in the game. The next step would have seemed like playing for India, or practicing for that one big match with a tough team, but he met with an injury. The day that flushed his toil of 12 years and let it go down the drain. He went into depression, locked him in a door, and decided to give up in his life.

But after a month, he came out with a plan. Plan B- Singing. What!?

If I were his friend, I’d say he is unreasonable. Everyone likes to sing once in a while, but how can a cricketer choose to be a singer now! But he started learning music, and now has a big fan following.

I asked him, if he ever felt that he was too late to start, he said that time is just in the mind.

There’s nothing sweeter than the fruits of success, and I’d commend everyone who is still working, not seeing the light at the end of the tunned, including myself as a future reader, to not stop. Go on. There is light. And you will find it. 🙂

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  1. Sanya

    Hey namita
    I too met Mr. Harrdy Sandhu during the uber crossblade contest and i really would love to get the photos and videos from that. Do you have any idea where i can get them?


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