His eyes made her quiet

Just like the stars in the night sky

Caressing the baby to sleep

His smile mellowed her

Her iron ribs dissolved with his warm touch

Made her heart vulnerable

To pleasure, to pain.

He gently touched her heart

But brutally slit her artery

And let the blood flow

Love oozed from her heart

And flowed in all directions

She saw herself bleed of feelings

Once gone, she knew she’d be left with none

And decided to stop

But what bled smelled of wild roses and coke

She got high after a long time

For no rhyme or reason

She walked on her senses

Oblivious to the thorns on the road

Kept walking, kept loving

Until he was gone, far, far away

Leaving her in blood

And the lovely mist of his rough hands.

~Namita Satija

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