Break the shield?

I wish I could tell you how you changed me

I wish you were worthy of knowing it

The glass wall which shields me now

Also keeps me devoid of trust.

Words seem shallow

As if they hold no value

And love is just another word

That artfully slaughters kindness.

I still wonder

Whether I am happy that you left

Or whether I am okay that you lied

I had learnt many lessons

Then why you?

I was, but, vulnerable by choice

But to not just to you.

To give this world a chance.

To patronise my thoughts 

And instead believe

That people were kind.

No, I hold nothing against you!

But only if you weren’t a liar

I could at least respect you

Like others who left.

But I don’t.

I can’t.

For you stirred all those quiet waters within me

With no intentions of rowing through

With no care for the me

Or for the goodness

That you didn’t know you were blessed with.

And I, the forever naive, longed for you.

Not because I longed for love

But because I longed for hope.

~Namita Satija

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