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Oh hello Goa!

This was my first trip to every youngster’s ever thought of a holiday destination in India. Bachelorette- let’s go to Goa, Wedding- let’s plan in Goa, long weekend- let’s go to Goa. So the place had to be nice to live up to the hype.

If you have read any of my blogs, you would know how much I hate to sit and wait for the destination and I literally hope that we come to a time when we can walk to all places we want to and reach within 2 hours, but I guess for now we have to rely on airplanes, trains, and cars.

So I am not a very crowd friendly person so booked The Lalit Golf and Spa resort, thinking it would be a little aloof, but to my surprise this was two and a half hours away from Baga Beach, and can easily be termed as a parallel city in the state of Goa, not just south Goa.

But there’s always a bright side. I took a flight from Chandigarh to Mumbai and then Mumbai to Goa via Air India – Economy. I love free flight food even though I may not eat because it takes the pressure away from you to decide whether you are hungry or not, and if you are what would you like from those prepackaged meals. But there’s nothing as good as the home cooked meals, so I ensured I had a nice roasted paratha packed for the journey.

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I think the last week was the beginning of the cynical swings in my life. I somehow don’t like to be cynical at all but some things happen and then you just can’t stop being cynical at all. Even if your people mean the best for you, you’d doubt them without a cause, or point out a possible cause which is most likely not true. I watched Forrest Gump yesterday and one of the most outstanding things I found in his life is that he has very limited words and expressions. If you think about it, the amount of guesswork we can all make about others is incredibly high. Some people were here from abroad recently, and I was thinking, why are they doing such a small talk! I went to get a hair spa and I was wondering whether they are using genuine products or not, so I asked them to get a sealed pack to check the authenticity. When people try to be sweet, I wonder whether they are actually sweet. These questions are not plain obvious, of course if that someone is trying to say sweet things, he could be having an ulterior motive, or the spa guy could be using fake products.

I wanted to find a remedy, so I called one of my close friends and told him to give me any thought to counter with cynicism when I came across. He laughed at me, so I again said, please anything that I should do when I am at my cynical worst. He waited and told me that I have an issue in thinking that all people are good, and that all people, if not good, can be dealt with good words and good deeds. He said that I need to exclude those people from the list of those people who matter to me, and then deal with right.

He was very correct in analyzing me that I often tend to assume the best in people, and want to overlook their bad points. But I still couldn’t buy being neutral. But in my attempt to deal with this, I got a half answer, worth trying maybe.

“STOP” “PAUSE”, are the words I’d like to recommend because they did work for me. Stop thinking and Pause. Try to stay in that state for as long as possible. Think that your mind should not react. If you smoke, try and smoke out the bad thoughts, and if you don’t smoke or don’t understand this term, exhale from your mouth!

Do this as often as you want, till the time you feel you are better.

But the most important thought you need to be lesser and lesser cynical everyday is that no matter how bad today looks like, you need to trust life and trust people because they are just like who you are. And then understand yourself so that you can understand them better.  The problem that I have with my cynicism is not that it’s a bad habit or that I am becoming negative, but the fact that I know I am on the verge of becoming a deal maker myself. More often than not, we see ourselves in other people. And I know the consequences of doubting life. It happens when you are not able to focus on what is truly important in your life, when you do not have a clear objective, and your mind has no prowess to do anything that is meaningful to itself. It happens because we have seen other people being deceitful, but when our state of mind is good enough, we will attribute their mindset to them. On the other hand when our minds are in a mess, we think the entire world is a copy of those who cheated us. Eventually, we lose the good people in our life as well as those who are kind, and people are the center of our lives. Money, clothes, houses, food, none of these things can give you the happiness that people can.


So recently I got a chance to meet this beautiful person on earth, Mr Hardy Sandhu. Okay, so he is just like a handsome young man, whose face shines brightly, confident and grounded.

I met him in an Uber Ride and he was there to promote his Crossblade event, but I managed to have a decent conversation with him.

So for those of you, who think he is just a singer, let me tell you, he was a cricketer for good 12 years of his life. 12 years, just ask yourself here, how many years have you been in your career? Can you still try to get your dream job? I I were you, I would have said Yes, but I’d urge you to read his story.

So 12 years, mornings, afternoons, evenings, playing cricket- batting, bowling, catches, fielding, warm up, and what not, he reached a decent level in the game. The next step would have seemed like playing for India, or practicing for that one big match with a tough team, but he met with an injury. The day that flushed his toil of 12 years and let it go down the drain. He went into depression, locked him in a door, and decided to give up in his life.

But after a month, he came out with a plan. Plan B- Singing. What!?

If I were his friend, I’d say he is unreasonable. Everyone likes to sing once in a while, but how can a cricketer choose to be a singer now! But he started learning music, and now has a big fan following.

I asked him, if he ever felt that he was too late to start, he said that time is just in the mind.

There’s nothing sweeter than the fruits of success, and I’d commend everyone who is still working, not seeing the light at the end of the tunned, including myself as a future reader, to not stop. Go on. There is light. And you will find it. 🙂


Well if you have ever been to Kaya Skin Clinic, you would know the drink that they serve in those dark brown cups. It is absolutely very refreshing and they serve it like their very personal thing but now it has been decoded!


  • Water: 500 ml
  • Cinnamon: 5-6 sticks
  • Lemon: 1
  • Honey: 100g
  • Green Apple syrup (Optional)

Boil the water with cinnamon until you see the water brown in shade. Let it cool for sometime. Add honey, lemon and a tsp of Green apple soda.

Tadaaa! It is done. Enjoy!


It is a very sad state of the society that we are distinguishing lives. Survival of the fittest is true but even when we don’t have any hunger, we don’t mind being ruthless. We, as a society are fragmented. We are not one when the reality is that we are one. There are a number of perspectives of being ruthless. Brahma Kumaris would say, the person who is ruthless to others is harming himself more than others. While some may feel that it was justified anger, the others say that we need to fight. So, let there be a protest.

I had no idea as to what this was all about until I reached the Kendriya Vihar, Sector 48, Chandigarh yesterday. It was about 5.30 and the dusk had began to mask the city for a few to illuminate their hopes by lighting candles. According to my understanding, there was a dog who was a bit more naughty than others. A dog who would run after running children but not harm them. He would growl but that’s just his style, after all, all dogs, birds and men have their own ways. A few kids, who would have never kept or played with dogs were scared. A few kids also played with this dog. He was happy until one day, a group of men decided to teach him a lesson for his way of life. The caught him, tied his legs with a rope and on to a tree and hit him ruthlessly for hours. Until, I can just guess since nobody can find him, he probably died. To some who hit this dog, it was a simple death of a dog who should have been punished for his behavior but their behavior must not be questioned since he was a dog who could have very well died by coming under a car, that’s what their destiny is like. But to the others who love dogs, it was a crime. To me, it was a failure of humanity and empathy.

We, as a society just proved our intolerance for other and the need of law. This intolerance is a proof of the fact that if there were no laws against killing and we could have punished anyone or killed anyone, we would have done it without thinking twice. But not those who matter to no one, not those who do not have a voice and lastly not those whose death didn’t make money for someone. We are all here for exchange and hoarding. Everything is on SALE. Your dignity, your values, your ethics but also your ego. That little innocent thing, who just played in his own way but never harmed anyone died for nothing. Cows, chickens, pigs and other harmless lives get slaughtered for something, atleast they are consumed. But this one? It was just killed to light fire to someone’s ego and pride.

Let there be light. Let there be sensitivity. Let there be love.



imageHave you ever thought of going back to childhood and experiencing all those simple things that brought endless joy? Something like, crossing your neighbor’s wall, skipping multiple terrace, planning random pranks, helping your friends to achieve the common goals of mischief? Well, if you miss any of those, welcome to the Devil’s Circuit. I think the name is such because all adults feel cool to be associated to devils more than angels and it adds more to the swag but for me, especially since I was participating in the non-competitive category, it was more like I felt I was 8 again!

There were a set of 15 hurdles, some of which I could do well, some of which I couldn’t. Some of them were from Tikeshi’s Castle while some from some military event I had seen in a couple of movies and instantly felt like doing. One of them felt like I was a man and I was escaping my girlfriend’s dad through some water pipe. Not to forget, I did it again to master the art! But it was all WORTH IT!

Careless, as I often get, I lost the cool tee that they gave me but the brighter side is that the organizer promised to get it couriered for me. Yay! Thanks Adnan, if you are reading this. But I think, it was a moment for me to see how sweet he was, else I could not have interacted with him.

Since I am an Infosys employee and we got some 100 registrations, the team offered us a discount of 40%. And like it always holds true, since every penny gets it’s worth after a girl gets a discount, I feel that everyone must experience it once. I have asked my dad to come along with me next time since he is an ex-army personnel. I absolutely LOVED it!

I came back home with my clothes entirely dirty so you MUST take an extra pair of clothes when you go there else your car would need a service again!

Lastly, after doing it, I felt what they have all over their brand #IAMEXTRAORDINARY. 🙂


Today, I had a chance of attending an event organized by Global Shapers, Chandigarh. The key panelists were Mr. Devinder Sharma, Mr. Arunabha Ghosh, Mr. Jyoti Kamal, Ms Sarika and Mr. Ishteyaque Amjad. It was moderated by Venkat. These are all prominent people at the level of decision making in media, at local, corporate and global levels.

The conversation started with a point that I truly believe in. If hunger is a problem and grains are rotting, then where is the problem? The problem actually lies in distribution. But are we that apathetic to human beings at large that those who see can’t take the action of distributing? Mr. Jyoti Kamal said something which was very logical that media drops the issue when the solution is round the corner because people get bored of reading/hearing such news daily. But what does a common man has? Maybe hearts and hashtags. And that is enough, in the digital age. Silence will only increase the problem. Just don’t think what will/won’t work but keep doing.

One of the important avenue where we see awareness is an initiative like raahgiri. Initially, maybe it’s just awareness but later it could take shape of maybe hundreds of Sarikas!

And then we reached a point where we introspected as to why don’t people care when they know that issues exist. The answer that the younger generation gave was due to ineffective law enforcement and snobbish attitudes. But my view is why enforce law? It is after all something that somebody thought was good to administer people but why has it become so crucial that if we don’t see cops, we feel we can do anything. Chandigarh is in a better position than other Indian cities but if even Chandigarh needs more enforcement than what will happen to other cities? The real way would be to sensitize people, to tell them that humanity is nothing but brotherhood. We need more empathy. And yes, we are all cousins, no? We may fight with each other sometimes but we do care about them.

Be honest with yourself, and then see and deal with the problem. The problem is not the government, the problem is not even your neighbor, the problem is you and me. The question is of convenience.


Everyone you meet on the street is a different person. They are not just a person, they are a story. They are as complex as you are and they are as simple as you are. Mostly they would need affirmations and love. They would need food and water. They would need a hug and a smile. It is as simple as that. Rest is a long story. It’s as old as they are. They have been through it every single second of their lives. It’s like a lizard, you judge it just for looking creepy but ultimately it has had it’s own struggles and it’s not his fault to look creepy. Even if you can’t treat them well, don’t hurt them. They have had a life of humans disliking them. Please just don’t be one. After all, even it has stuck to this planet like you have. You are not flying outside, right?