Devil's Circuit | Mohali #IAMEXTRAORDINARY

imageHave you ever thought of going back to childhood and experiencing all those simple things that brought endless joy? Something like, crossing your neighbor’s wall, skipping multiple terrace, planning random pranks, helping your friends to achieve the common goals of mischief? Well, if you miss any of those, welcome to the Devil’s Circuit. I think the name is such because all adults feel cool to be associated to devils more than angels and it adds more to the swag but for me, especially since I was participating in the non-competitive category, it was more like I felt I was 8 again!

There were a set of 15 hurdles, some of which I could do well, some of which I couldn’t. Some of them were from Tikeshi’s Castle while some from some military event I had seen in a couple of movies and instantly felt like doing. One of them felt like I was a man and I was escaping my girlfriend’s dad through some water pipe. Not to forget, I did it again to master the art! But it was all WORTH IT!

Careless, as I often get, I lost the cool tee that they gave me but the brighter side is that the organizer promised to get it couriered for me. Yay! Thanks Adnan, if you are reading this. But I think, it was a moment for me to see how sweet he was, else I could not have interacted with him.

Since I am an Infosys employee and we got some 100 registrations, the team offered us a discount of 40%. And like it always holds true, since every penny gets it’s worth after a girl gets a discount, I feel that everyone must experience it once. I have asked my dad to come along with me next time since he is an ex-army personnel. I absolutely LOVED it!

I came back home with my clothes entirely dirty so you MUST take an extra pair of clothes when you go there else your car would need a service again!

Lastly, after doing it, I felt what they have all over their brand #IAMEXTRAORDINARY. 🙂


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