Evolve Snacks | Review

So I am often in a fix when people at parties are eating chips, nachos, and so many other seemingly tasty things and all I have is salad. The other day, when I got a sponsored notification from Evolve on Instagram regarding their healthy snacks, I was hooked with skepticism since I am too bored of eating bad tasting food in the name of health food. But since I have had so many bad things, I thought to myself, why not try one more thing.

I ended up ordering a long list of snacks because I thought that atleast something would be nice, and it would help all other readers who are getting sponsored notifications like me.

So generally what to buy or what not to buy depends on the likes and dislikes of each person, but I’ll give you my opinion as someone who needs things to eat other than the regular food, something like tea time snacks, travel snacks or midnight snacks.

What I liked:

  1. Coconut Crisp Vanilla: This is just a dreamland dessert! It is organic, perfectly sweet (neither too little nor in excess), and crunchy. I finished this one packet, the day after it came as I couldn’t resist not eating it. A MUST BUY.
  2. Foxnuts: All flavours are good but I especially liked the crax and the tomato flavour. The cheese flavour is very average but the rest are guilt free nutritious chips that can absolutely be used for midnight snacking or with  tea/coffee.

What I did NOT like:

  1. Wheat Puffs: These are horrible. Never buy these. They are very difficult to chew and even if you do it’s not worth the taste/ the time/the money. Just Don’t buy these.
  2. Vegetable Chips: The concept seems very idealistic, but this along with other vegetable chips are not very palatable. They have tried using a lot of flavoring but what fails them is the fact that these are very very hard. I wouldn’t buy them again but yes, it’s worth a shot if you too are fascinated by their offerings like okra chips, cauliflower chips, beetroot chips, etc.

So go ahead and buy the foxnuts and the coconut vanilla because they are really good and more importantly taste good!

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