Gusto Kitchen & Café, Sector 7, Chandigarh

Happy Diwali everyone!

I really like this festival of Diwali. I know it has a mythological significance but the best part about this festival is the joy and smiles it adds to our lives. Especially in India, a little post fall, the entire area seems to be lit up in sun’s warm white light. And since monsoon has washed away the dust from trees everything shines like the Diwali cleaning spree has passed on to nature as well!

So we planned a trip to this café I had been hearing about since the past few months. This is in the inner market of Sector 7, Chandigarh. My friends were waiting inside and as soon as I greeted them a Happy Diwali, they told me that Gul Panag was also sitting in the same café! Okay, so my point here is that this place has definitely made a mark in the city!


A beautiful décor. The interiors were done pretty well. Specially, I loved how the walls were done with bricks and some  colour and space was left for adding colour and some pretty little things. Do go there once.

Coming to the pricing. We ordered one Mezze Platter, four regular coffees, one ginger ale drink for me (I am forgetting the exact name but you can find it with this key word for sure!). I must tell you that I am not too fond of Lebanese cuisine but I really liked the platter. Although Pita bread was more like small maida rotis which were really soft but overall it tasted just fine. The blend of flavours was worth noticing. Like the bell pepper had a peculiar taste that was sweet and tangy but nothing was over the top. The classic Hummus was also smooth and neutral like it should be.


I think for Indians, if we have to try Lebanese, we must start with Shawarma, move to falafel and then try this. For a little evolved taste, the rest of the Lebanese cuisine could be an interesting try.

Since we were 6 people and just needed something to munch, this was the perfect thing. I also loved the Ginger Ale, it was sweet but very refreshing.

One thing that you must try if you are here in the next 5 months is their Hot chocolate with rum. I am not sure if my mom knows there is rum in it but she really loves it! Alcohol and not so sweet chocolate, thick enough to last for atleast  an hour. I tried Hot chocolate with Bailey’s in Switzerland but trust me this is better than that!

Overall, I would go to this place to have a good conversation with a friend, a chilled out date place and a place to go and read a book and spend some time (No loud music). Also, I can always get their hot chocolate as a take away order whenever I am crossing this restaurant.

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