Justice for the stray dog | Chandigarh

It is a very sad state of the society that we are distinguishing lives. Survival of the fittest is true but even when we don’t have any hunger, we don’t mind being ruthless. We, as a society are fragmented. We are not one when the reality is that we are one. There are a number of perspectives of being ruthless. Brahma Kumaris would say, the person who is ruthless to others is harming himself more than others. While some may feel that it was justified anger, the others say that we need to fight. So, let there be a protest.

I had no idea as to what this was all about until I reached the Kendriya Vihar, Sector 48, Chandigarh yesterday. It was about 5.30 and the dusk had began to mask the city for a few to illuminate their hopes by lighting candles. According to my understanding, there was a dog who was a bit more naughty than others. A dog who would run after running children but not harm them. He would growl but that’s just his style, after all, all dogs, birds and men have their own ways. A few kids, who would have never kept or played with dogs were scared. A few kids also played with this dog. He was happy until one day, a group of men decided to teach him a lesson for his way of life. The caught him, tied his legs with a rope and on to a tree and hit him ruthlessly for hours. Until, I can just guess since nobody can find him, he probably died. To some who hit this dog, it was a simple death of a dog who should have been punished for his behavior but their behavior must not be questioned since he was a dog who could have very well died by coming under a car, that’s what their destiny is like. But to the others who love dogs, it was a crime. To me, it was a failure of humanity and empathy.

We, as a society just proved our intolerance for other and the need of law. This intolerance is a proof of the fact that if there were no laws against killing and we could have punished anyone or killed anyone, we would have done it without thinking twice. But not those who matter to no one, not those who do not have a voice and lastly not those whose death didn’t make money for someone. We are all here for exchange and hoarding. Everything is on SALE. Your dignity, your values, your ethics but also your ego. That little innocent thing, who just played in his own way but never harmed anyone died for nothing. Cows, chickens, pigs and other harmless lives get slaughtered for something, atleast they are consumed. But this one? It was just killed to light fire to someone’s ego and pride.

Let there be light. Let there be sensitivity. Let there be love.


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