Karigari Jewelry Store

So, if you happen to be in India and looking for exquisite jewelry, could pay a little extra to what you could have paid to a street seller of artificial/junk jewelry, well I promise you could go banana over this shop.


I am an earing person, I know that sounds weird but when I am wearing traditional indian attire I love to wear beautiful pieces of jewelry. Will share the details of those things soon! But this shop is my absolute favourite. I love it to the extent of trying to avoid to see it in a fear of buying something that I absolutely don’t require at this time!

What I love about their jewelry is the huge variety of designs and colours. From simple studs to whoops to danglers till wherever your imagination can run, you will find everything on this small corner they have set for themselves in malls. Their finesse is class apart and actually that is what differentiates them from other stores available in the market.

It is available on (only on app)

You could also find these on stores not listed here.

Team these up with Indian dresses and also some of your western clothes and you will surely receive oodles of joy and compliments from the people you meet. Plus you feel like a princess wearing those things.

Also, it is a store of bangles, maang tikas, necklace and rings but earrings is it’s forte.

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