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Mathematics of Life | Speech 10

What are we all striving for?

List A > Happiness

Let’s say today, I give all of you a bottle of panacea, which if you drink you can never be sad. The bottle will never get over, I promise but you need to drink it whenever you feel sad. Deal? Okay, so let’s start.

Last time you were happy because?

List B > Physical

One day, me and my friend got free early from the office and decided to party. We went back to our place, got dressed, decided to splurge that luxury budget and we listening to loud music and singing in the car. Then she got a call for which she quickly lowered the volume of the stereo and answered in a tensed tone, “What happened? How did this happen? When? Oh. That’s terrible. Is he okay?”

So someone from her family got sick and was admitted to the hospital and needless to say we didn’t party.

As you guys said,

Happiness = f (A, B, C,……..Z, AA, AB, AC………. ∞)                                                           Equation 1

But there we were having all the elements that we needed to be happy

Happiness (July 10) = f (Money, Club, Dress, Car, Parent’s permission)

So we had the RHS of the equation but not the LHS.


Happiness (July 10) ≠ f (Money, Club, Dress, Car, Parent’s permission)


Happiness (Any day) ≠ f (A, B, C,……..Z, AA, AB, AC………. ∞)                                      Equation 2

It was something else.

Now we have a questions

If happiness is not in the above function, how do we get it?

Happiness is a feeling. Probably,

Happiness = Ecstasy, fulfillment, overwhelming, satisfaction, accomplishment

Because a feeling is an “emotional state or a reaction” it’s only dependent on us.

Imagine if someone hugs you, you haven’t felt him really what you have felt is just sensations through your own mind.

Happiness = Feeling = f (Mind)                                                                 Equation 3

Now think about it, was all that you wanted in equation 1, really what you wanted?

Was all that you wanted a need or a strategy to get something else?

Now you would tell me that I am talking bullshit. It’s all a concept that you have heard but it certainly cannot be applied. So let’s try to call someone on the stage who has had a bad experience of a heartbreak and who does not hate me yet. We all have, maybe except Lalit because he is very smart!

So, anyone? It’s actually a dare for you to come.

Close your eyes, breathe, slap!

Now, tell me, when you came here, what were you expecting?

List > Be witty, show some speaking, voice, body language, word of the day, etc.

Or in other words, you were here for RESPECT and I took that away.

Did the slap break your bones or make you bleed? No.

It actually makes your face firmer and your pores smaller according to Thai practices of beauty but you will still curse me because I slapped you?

Now, if it was not me but a 10 year old, would you still feel the same? No, right.


Pain from a slap (10 year old)         =                       Pain from a slap (10 year old)

No or insignificant ↓ Respect                                          ↓ Respect Manifold

What you wanted was a function of mind and how you tried to gain it was through this stage of Toastmasters, which is outside your mind.

Now imagine, this was not you whom I slapped but Mother Teresa, will she feel that her respect has reduced? No, because the world respects her and if one person is stupid enough to slap her, she’d probably treat me like a 10 year old who knows nothing.

The point is, she in herself is full of respect for herself.

Oprah Winfrey once said, you cannot give something that you don’t have. If you do not respect yourself so much that it is overflowing to the extent of reaching others, you can’t respect someone. Your cup of everything must be full and overflowing.

But what should be there in your cup is the last question?

Happiness (Any day) ≠ f (A, B, C,……..Z, AA, AB, AC………. ∞)                                      Equation 2

Then what should be there in your cup?

If you make your deeds worthy of self respect and respect others

If you have trust that the other person always intends to do good to you but sometimes he is incapable of doing it

And if you know that the other person wants to understand you but sometimes he is incapable, you will always be happy.

Last but not the least, all these things can be encompassed by practicing this one activity,

Increase the bandwidth of communication. Trust and give them more chances, increase your threshold and see how it makes you happy!


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  1. Ayushi Gupta

    Did you really slap someone in the meeting. 😛

    On a serious note, the content makes so much sense.
    Happiness is subjective and a state of mind

    Kudos to you for your writing !


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