Neerja | 2016

Today, I accidentally got a chance to watch Neerja. A film on the life of a young girl, played by the simple looking Sonam Kapoor, who died as a hero at the age of 23. I am a girl and what moves me is strength. Strength of the highest order according to me is mental strength. No matter where you are, what you are doing, you can exhibit how strong you are mentally. I recently heard Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s speech that Lord Ram or Lord Jesus Christ were not successful because of what they accomplished in their lives, their lives were full of hardships and Jesus Christ was even killed. But even then, their mental stamina did not take a plunge. They behaved in the best way they could, and in fact Jesus Christ forgave people who were killing them saying, ” Forgive him for he does not know what he does”. They were the real heroes. I think vengeance and hate is losing it’s charm of being heroic now.

Coming back to the movie, it showcased a bubbly girl, an excerpt from her past, and the hijacking instance. People were shot in front of her but she did not lose her stability. He went on to perform her duty. She was a hero till her last breath. The emotions of a young girl captured very well. She was scared yes, but she never behaved in a selfish manner. What went through her family, how others felt of her bravery was captured well. She was not a hero who could fight 10 people together. She was the kind of brave that we all can be on a every day basis.

It was also about her family, who always served as the backbone of her strength. Social stigmas attach very quickly on to a middle class family but her family always supported her through thick and thin. Her mother’s character played by Shabana Azmi, displayed the gentle heart of a typical Punjabi mother. She did a fabulous job in making my heart skip a beat with her each screen presence.

She was not extraordinary but she did not make ordinary choices.

Thanks to the makers of this film and a salute to the young girl. Thank you.

Movie Rating: 4/5.


    1. admin Author

      Haha. Thanks a lot Rajeev.
      I am a girl who loves perfect endings.
      I like happy endings. I knew I signed up for this but I believe a good message in the end would have made the things brighter.
      Yes, a lot of idealism but that’s how it is. 😉


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