Everyone you meet on the street is a different person. They are not just a person, they are a story. They are as complex as you are and they are as simple as you are. Mostly they would need affirmations and love. They would need food and water. They would need a hug and a smile. It is as simple as that. Rest is a long story. It’s as old as they are. They have been through it every single second of their lives. It’s like a lizard, you judge it just for looking creepy but ultimately it has had it’s own struggles and it’s not his fault to look creepy. Even if you can’t treat them well, don’t hurt them. They have had a life of humans disliking them. Please just don’t be one. After all, even it has stuck to this planet like you have. You are not flying outside, right?



So, yesterday was Diwali and I am really excited about it as always. Since I woke up late to enjoy the day in my own style, I was clueless of what to wear. I procrastinate shopping in the hope that I will not waste money but I always end up shopping!

So, there’s a shop at DT City Centre, IT Park, Chandigarh and I went there even before I took a bath. I saw their Diwali collection and it was average. They had sequined kurtis which they asked me to pair with chooridaars or plazzos but somehow I wasn’t convinced. The Kurtas were in the range of Rs. 3000, the plazzos started from Rs. 1200, the chooridaars from Rs. 800 and dupattas from Rs. 1200. So, I realized that my average spend is going to be atleast Rs. 5000 for Diwali or zero if I decide to not buy anything!

But I was already there and wanted to feel ecstatic for the entire day in a new dress, shallow I know, but Diwali just comes once in a year, right? 😉

I looked at multiple things and then came across this a little old model which all of you would have seen sometime or the other in W promotions. It was for Rs. 9000 but since it was old stock, they were giving it at a 50% discount!


I bought it and wore with my beautiful Karigari earrings and Charles and Kieth wedges. For my make up, I just used my favorite Sunheal Sunscreen, The Body Shop BB cream, Lakme Iconic Kajal in black and Maybelline Peach blossom lip balm.


Lastly, I hope you had a great Diwali. Do share your experiences!



Happy Diwali everyone!

I really like this festival of Diwali. I know it has a mythological significance but the best part about this festival is the joy and smiles it adds to our lives. Especially in India, a little post fall, the entire area seems to be lit up in sun’s warm white light. And since monsoon has washed away the dust from trees everything shines like the Diwali cleaning spree has passed on to nature as well!

So we planned a trip to this café I had been hearing about since the past few months. This is in the inner market of Sector 7, Chandigarh. My friends were waiting inside and as soon as I greeted them a Happy Diwali, they told me that Gul Panag was also sitting in the same café! Okay, so my point here is that this place has definitely made a mark in the city!


A beautiful décor. The interiors were done pretty well. Specially, I loved how the walls were done with bricks and some  colour and space was left for adding colour and some pretty little things. Do go there once.

Coming to the pricing. We ordered one Mezze Platter, four regular coffees, one ginger ale drink for me (I am forgetting the exact name but you can find it with this key word for sure!). I must tell you that I am not too fond of Lebanese cuisine but I really liked the platter. Although Pita bread was more like small maida rotis which were really soft but overall it tasted just fine. The blend of flavours was worth noticing. Like the bell pepper had a peculiar taste that was sweet and tangy but nothing was over the top. The classic Hummus was also smooth and neutral like it should be.


I think for Indians, if we have to try Lebanese, we must start with Shawarma, move to falafel and then try this. For a little evolved taste, the rest of the Lebanese cuisine could be an interesting try.

Since we were 6 people and just needed something to munch, this was the perfect thing. I also loved the Ginger Ale, it was sweet but very refreshing.

One thing that you must try if you are here in the next 5 months is their Hot chocolate with rum. I am not sure if my mom knows there is rum in it but she really loves it! Alcohol and not so sweet chocolate, thick enough to last for atleast  an hour. I tried Hot chocolate with Bailey’s in Switzerland but trust me this is better than that!

Overall, I would go to this place to have a good conversation with a friend, a chilled out date place and a place to go and read a book and spend some time (No loud music). Also, I can always get their hot chocolate as a take away order whenever I am crossing this restaurant.


So, if you happen to be in India and looking for exquisite jewelry, could pay a little extra to what you could have paid to a street seller of artificial/junk jewelry, well I promise you could go banana over this shop.


I am an earing person, I know that sounds weird but when I am wearing traditional indian attire I love to wear beautiful pieces of jewelry. Will share the details of those things soon! But this shop is my absolute favourite. I love it to the extent of trying to avoid to see it in a fear of buying something that I absolutely don’t require at this time!

What I love about their jewelry is the huge variety of designs and colours. From simple studs to whoops to danglers till wherever your imagination can run, you will find everything on this small corner they have set for themselves in malls. Their finesse is class apart and actually that is what differentiates them from other stores available in the market.

It is available on (only on app)

You could also find these on stores not listed here.

Team these up with Indian dresses and also some of your western clothes and you will surely receive oodles of joy and compliments from the people you meet. Plus you feel like a princess wearing those things.

Also, it is a store of bangles, maang tikas, necklace and rings but earrings is it’s forte.


Hello everyone,

So basically I was randomly exploring options after I cut my hair really short and wanted to grow them as soon as possible, I laid my hands on this shampoo.

I read great reviews that my hair will be longer and thicker, and something like “this stuff actually works!” about it so thought to give it a try.


I have absolutely no idea why is this product talked about so much. It didn’t increase the length of my hair and made my hair super dry. They were cleaner for a lesser number of days and instead they started falling!

It is a light transparent shampoo which is not supposed to make your hair dry but on the contrary it did. Also, my dandruff increased manifold which is why I had to discontinue it’s usage. I would give it a thumbs down from my experience.

Or atleast you shouldn’t buy it from over the shelf like I did, buy it only if it’s recommended by a good dermatologist or a saloon expert.

Also it costs around Rs. 800 for 250ml which is on the higher end, so less disappointment if you think twice!


Okay, so I don’t understand people who do not like green tea when I feel it’s the fourth best hot beverage, I have discovered till date. Okay, so the first is Kashmiri Kahwa, the second is Chai (Homestyle cooked) and the third would be Starbucks Hot Chocolate! But this has it’s own advantage, it is super simple to make!

I just need the tea bags and hot water and Voila, I am so sorted!

In my vast past of drinking Green Tea, there is this one remarkable brand that I have been in love with since the past couple of months and I’ll tell you why.

I never tried Twinings initially because I thought, okay well, this is Green tea, like all other Green Teas, so why spend so much? I always had Lipton Mint Green Tea, Lipton Jasmine Green Tea, Tetley Ginger Lemon Green Tea, Gaia Green Tea and a lot of other brands of the same price range. They were doing good to me until I found this one.

So, after having this one daily after meals, I did not lose any weight like all other green teas! Lol. But yes, what did happen to me was that my skin started glowing much more as if I had just removed some really good face mask. This will actually show you the results, just wait for a couple of weeks, do not forget to take a before and after picture. I would love to see if it works the same way for others as well. Another plus is it is not as bitter as other green teas.

It costs about Rs. 270 for 25 tea bags. I know it’s almost double than what you would be paying already but do try it atleast once. Some people use one tea bag twice, I haven’t tried that but do give it a shot.

I have tried the Twinings Green Tea and Mint and Green Jasmine Tea from Twinings. The Green Jasmine takes exactly like the Café Coffee Day Green Jasmine tea which costs about Rs. 65 per cup.

There are a other brands like Teabay which is not as easily available in India and luxury green tea brands which I have tried but nothing beats the flavor of Twinings for sure. All in all, I am a fan of this brand this would be one of the constants in my life!





This is one of the best products I have used so far! I had acne last year and I have been using this product ever since. My doctor recommended this to me and I always end up buying two packs so that it’s always in stock with me.

Price: Rs. 795.

It’s price is a higher as compared to some on the shelf products but I think it’s better to go for one product that is amazing than buy three sunscreens that fail to work.

The best thing about this sunscreen is that it serves as a perfect make up base. It’s non greasy, perfectly moisturizing as my skin and even when I don’t apply any makeup, my face lights up!

Also, sunscreen is known to reverse the signs of ageing and reduce wrinkles and pigmentation. I actually believe, that this one if used over a long period does it to your skin.

So, I think, this one is

a) A sunscreen

b) Foundation like base for everyday skin

c) Prevents acne and wrinkles

I have personally used a lot of skin care products for the day but this one is by far the best which is why it is the first product I am reviewing.

You can buy it from websites like or where you can get upto 5% discount on the MRP.

You must definitely give it a try and let me know!