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Hello guys and especially all the dog lovers out there!

Yesterday was very taxing for me, but it was even more bad for a dog outside my house because he was super sick, and was shrieking for help all the time. I just couldn’t sit back in the house or go to the office because I felt that he was going through unbearable pain.

So I checked with my cousin, who is a superman for dogs because he has helped more than a hundred dogs in the vicinity. He asked me to feed him something and give him 500mg of paracetamol. There was no obvious injury, just a dark patch on the skin so I wondered whether he has been hit by someone. So I gave him milk first which he couldn’t drink, so later gave him a PCM tablet in a fish pakora, which too he couldn’t eat.

Now, I was even more worried because he wasn’t eating anything, and I couldn’t help at all. To my respite, my cousin came to see him, and said he has maggots in his neck, but it can be cured soon. He also asked me to call PFA because in his experience, among SEWA, SPCA and PFA, PFA was the most empathetic shelter home for animals. Even though he said that, I took his words with a pinch of salt but called PFA anyway at about 4PM. First they said the driver wasn’t available until 6, so I decided to wait. At 5.45 when I called them, they said their night shift guy is late and would reach by 8PM. I waited anyway because I had no choice other than to be patient. I kept checking on the dog, but apparently all he wanted was people to stay away. So from far, I kept a track on his whereabouts.

Finally after another couple of calls and 5 hours of wait, their van came at about 9PM. I must commend that the two people who had come were very kind to the dogs, unlike a few doctors and attendants that I have seen in various Vet Hospitals. They took an hour to chase the dog and put him in their rescue van, and even after that they were smiling and reassuring that he should be better in a week’s time. I have never felt more reassured.

So, as my cousin had advised, I visited their shelter home today to check on the dog. There were abut 40 dogs in the shelter home, and they bring and return roughly 10 dogs from the streets everyday. The lady sitting in the office – Maya Yadav, too was very empathetic and loving to all dogs. There cannot be weak hearts at this place because all the animals were not in the best of health, so you might feel sad when you go there. But in my experience of being with dogs, I can comfortably  say that they were all living there like a family. No dog attacking the other. The attendants petting the dog while crossing them. Also, they ensure that they drop the dog in the same street from where he was picked, ensuring that he doesn’t have a hard time post treatment.

But unfortunately, they told me that the dog whom I had sent was rabid, so they would quarantine him until they confirm their diagnosis. He wasn’t in a very good shape. And my brother and the van driver’s diagnosis was different from the doctor. The doctor said that he was rabid, while my cousin said that his maggot were hurting him. I did give them ideas on what could be possibly wrong with him but didn’t want to flood them with those since they are experienced and qualified unlike me. Nevertheless they were patient in listening to me, and even gave me updates on his health over phone. I wish that sweet little dog gets okay too, and I edit this piece to write a few more words praising the PFA. Nevertheless, I saw people caring about animals and that too is no less in the world in which we are becoming more individualistic by the day.

Thank you PFA. You have reinforced to me that human beings are inherently kind.

Next Day’s Edit: I got a call from the PFA saying that the dog died last night. I don’t have much to say, apart from Gandhi ji’s words that are coming to my mind.

Satisfaction is in effort. Full effort is victory.

I couldn’t help the dog survive, but nevertheless tried my best. Hope that little soul RIP.

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  1. This happened with me, when I was driving home from office and I found a baby pigeon walking on road instead of flying. I went near to check him, he was not in a good state some infection was there, it was having huge lumps of some hard mass near eyes and feet. To be honest, despite being an animal/ bird lover I am scared to touch them because I haven’t handled them before and me touching them can scare them off leading to them getting hurt Midway or so. I then called a friend. He was superhero that day! He ran behind that baby 🐦 on the road and when he got hold of him. he drove the car with one hand but it was getting difficult , we hired an auto went to the nearest animal clinic, got a medicines and a cage for him.
    I had earlier missed my flight to home that day but by the end of the day I was content that may be god wanted me to be part of saving that bird. May be I had to repay some debt of mine to him from previous birth ( chukles😂 we r Indians by heart) .I was happy I always wanted a bird but not from pet shops finally I got a pet I will take care of it.
    The bird was safe with my friend. But the time I reached home next day I got a news that our piggy died!!


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