SIDDHARTHA an Indian tale – Hermann Hesse | Book Review

Since I shared a post of Sadhguru a long time ago, one of my friends recommended me this book, and I managed to finish it today.

It is a small book, 160 pages to be exact. But I don’t think it is any less effective in what it tries to communicate.

So, as mentioned in the cover, it is a story of a boy Siddhartha who takes his journey to quench his thirst of knowledge, to be able to reach a point where there was nothing to learn, or rather reach the end of the journey.

So, as an additional fact, I like Robin Sharma and how he communicates various ideas especially when I am low on energy, but for me those kind of words that tell me what other people do that make them stand out, don’t stick to me for long.

This book is not at all preachy. In fact, the boy whose story is being narrated mocks the general ways in which people have been doing things, which makes you doubt the protagonist at times, and that is the point of the story.

It does not complicate things by getting into detail, else it would have been a 500 page book. But still the author has tried to not loose the essence.

The central theme is that of seeking, and if you have ever wondered about the below things, it would be worth your time:

a) If you have thought that running away was the answer to solve everything.

b) There is a a good world, and there is a bad world, in this one world that we live in.

c) You have to be detached to be happy.

d) Karma is everything. If one is performing his karma right, then there is nothing else to do.

e) You have been absolutely right, or absolutely wrong with your life. Even if you’re or have been depressed, this book will help you if you read it slowly and with an open mind.

f) Or a cocktail of the above thoughts.

If you haven’t had any of the above thoughts ever in your life, you can chuck the idea of reading this altogether. But I like it rather love to delve in such issues, and I liked the book very much. Because you see your own journey of life in Siddhartha, and although you do not get into any extremes, you can relive the extremes of your life with this book, and ultimately come to an end where you feel that it was all okay. Though, I felt the need for a little more detail and a few pages were blank in my book(this was very irritating!), whatever I read made me think. Maybe all this is just playing with your thoughts at the end of the day, but I guess I had fun.


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