Spotty | Depart?

I smile everyday
Trying to live in the moment
Forgetting my past
Or lying to myself
Maybe living in denial
Of the moments that existed
That looked so real
Maybe were unreal
I wish they were unreal
So I won’t regret
For that little puppy
Crying for love
I could have touched him
His ears, head and belly
And scratched his neck
Maybe food and drugs were never enough
If only I get another chance
I would touch him
And tell him
That I loved him, and love him
Fought for him, will fight for him
My heart ached for him, still aches for him
His every little bark, for months
Brightened my mood
His wagging tail
Reassured me that I was on the right track
Until they came
And took him away
Away from me
In some slaughter house of sorts
And left in a state
Where he didn’t recognise his name
Let aside me
I wish I could go back in time
And do things for him
I cannot say, I cannot express
I cannot scream, I cannot blame
I can anger, just on myself
Hold myself guilty of a thousand crimes
But that too will not help
I wish I could get him back
That furry little beautiful thing
People said he was sick
I say, he was a fighter of the disease
I hope he is.
I hope he is.

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