A puppy whom I named Spotty

Few words like empathy are better felt than explained. I felt that it was one such day for me.

There has been a dog who was trembling in Chandigarh winters since days. He has some serious skin infection thus not loved by anybody around. Until a few days back, even I saw him as a puupy who may or may not survive this harsh north summer. And as I don’t like to meddle much with what is happening around, thinking that I can’t change anything, I just sat and waited to see how his life went.

Just a couple of days later, my cousin visited my place and saw the pup outside. Unlike me was very moved by what he saw, what he saw was a responsibility. If anything is happening infront of your eyes and you don’t do anything about it, it’s lack of your responsibility, right? I still believe that you can’t change anything but the lesson I learnt from him was trying our best. So I decided to feed him with turmeric milk and bread thinking that it might cure his skin infections to a certain extent.

Yesterday, I saw him shivering while I gave him food. I wanted him to wear a coat which my dog wears. He needs it more than my dog and spending a couple of hundreds would not be a big deal for me, I thought. My cousin had an extra dog coat and he especially came to my place and gave it to me.

This morning I tried hard, very hard, to hold him and make him wear the dog coat but I couldn’t. He was trembling, shrieking and pissing while I tried to go near him. It just wouldn’t let me come close to him, leave aside touch him. I asked a few kids from the neighborhood to help me hold him but he shrieked even more. We ran in circles for about 1 hour but the entire effort went down the drain. I ended up wondering that I just gave this dog more trauma than any good. I then started to just call him by kisses and a mellow tone and luckily he forgot about the trauma that we all caused him and I got him home but still to be able to touch him was very far away. Also, now I didn’t want him to shriek anymore as I was already fraught with the guilt of what had just happened. Fortuitously, another dog came who was his friend and mine too! I saw some hope in keeping my patience. I started to pet the other stray dog to make him believe that I wasn’t going to harm him and slowly, although I still had to exert a little force I managed to put the coat on him, which impaired his movement to an extent. I then touched him on his head, he shrieked. A part of me broke down thinking that that little thing had never felt love. Slowly, after shrieking for a minute or two, he accepted me or my touch and I made him wear the entire coat and gave him a name, Spotty.

I wish we all get a chance to see how beautiful love is. And how devoid of happiness could someone’s life be if you don’t act at the right place. I am not sure if it makes you weak, it probably does and I am not sure if it was right to feed him with love. But he did come to see me again which means he liked it. Even if I or he do not exist tomorrow, we would be a little more happy, for I got love and so did he.

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  1. dg

    Not only does it show your love for dogs, but also your empathetic nature.
    “An act of kindness creates a ripple effect that comes back to you”
    Keep spreading love..Good luck


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