Subway Wraps in India | Yay or Nay?

I am a health freak who is huge fan of subway mostly because it fills my tummy and also gives me a lot of taste! I generally avoid cheese and mayo sauces but have all vegetables.

Today, I was awfully tired and went to get my regular Tuna sandwich and I was surprised to see them sell wraps. Fascinated but with a bit of caution as I wasn’t sure if it was going to be sumptuous for my gigantic hunger, I decided to go for my sandwich. After the sandwich my mind was still there on the wraps and owing to my huge appetite, I decided to have one wrap.

I ordered Veg Wrap which cannot be customized like subway sandwiches. It was made of multigrain and had the filling of “chatpata chana”. But I was DISAPPOINTED! 🙁

I love Voodoo wraps by Dunkin Donuts which are much more sumptuous than this and also tastes better and are healthier. The fried chatpata chana was a thumbs down and the overall texture and feel was just average. Although it is really cheap and comes at Rs 60, I am sure this is just the introductory price. And yes, Dunking Donuts Voodoo wraps are for about Rs 175, so that ways this is okay.

But the last thing that I want is a bad dish, it just tastes like a sub (not made of your choice) served in a small chapati.

I haven’t tried the Non vegetarian one though. Please tell me how that is!image

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