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Well, I am not sure how much I have been touched by TV Shows lately, but this intense legal drama seems to inspire me for something that I find missing in my everyday life.

Before I tell you with what is the one thing that shakes my spine when I watch that show, I’d like to apprise you of other things that I like about the show. Although the show is based on a law firm, all of them consider each other as their family members. That made me think, how many of us actually think that way about the people we work for. I know that all of them are partners, and the majority of us are working for someone, who too is working for someone else, but despite of that I am amazed by it. All of us give an adage that money is not everything when we are asked to stand on a stage and talk, but if we really believed in it, we wouldn’t mind treating our seniors as our mentors. I understand that sometimes are difficult to deal with, but more often than not, our outlook decides the role and functioning of the people we deal with.

So, the thing that I love the most is – Loyalty. If you ever happen to get a chance to see the show, look at it from this angle. Once any of the main characters takes a stance, he will stick to it. They have shown how people who are out of the family zone can also be loyal, and sometimes you expect loyalty from the wrong person. But loyalty is the one thing that the show has taught me. Even when their asses were on fire, they would be loyal. Even when breaching loyalty could have gotten them more money or more power, they decide to stick to the people whom they are loyal to. They are not easily baited, or rather baited at all! Don’t you think if this is something that we adopted, it could make our lives much more simple? I’ve always considered sleeping at peace as the highest ordeal, and I think this attribute would make your nights better.

What do you think? 🙂

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