Sunheal Sunscreen Review


This is one of the best products I have used so far! I had acne last year and I have been using this product ever since. My doctor recommended this to me and I always end up buying two packs so that it’s always in stock with me.

Price: Rs. 795.

It’s price is a higher as compared to some on the shelf products but I think it’s better to go for one product that is amazing than buy three sunscreens that fail to work.

The best thing about this sunscreen is that it serves as a perfect make up base. It’s non greasy, perfectly moisturizing as my skin and even when I don’t apply any makeup, my face lights up!

Also, sunscreen is known to reverse the signs of ageing and reduce wrinkles and pigmentation. I actually believe, that this one if used over a long period does it to your skin.

So, I think, this one is

a) A sunscreen

b) Foundation like base for everyday skin

c) Prevents acne and wrinkles

I have personally used a lot of skin care products for the day but this one is by far the best which is why it is the first product I am reviewing.

You can buy it from websites like or where you can get upto 5% discount on the MRP.

You must definitely give it a try and let me know!


    1. admin Author

      Sure Kannav, you could try Rivella by Cipla if you want something that doesn’t make your skin looks like you have applied foundation. Would post a review on that soon.

      Hope that helps.


  1. Mira

    Hi, Namita. Good to read a review on the product. I have started using it recently and have similar thoughts on it. Quite happy to find a suitable product which is also 100% mineral based. Since we seem to have similar skin type, what are other products recommended to you, if you do not mind sharing? Going to browse through your blog with the same intent. Good day 🙂

    1. namitasatija

      Hello Himani
      This should be good for oily skin. But please visit a dermatologist before proceeding. Although I have been using this since the last 4 years, I think a few people have had problems as well.
      Love & best wishes
      Namita Satija


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