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So today after all these days I finally got a chance to be at this place with a very special person. I think, a place has to do a lot with the person you go with along with the food. So I’ll tell you everything about my experience at their place, from food to conversations with my friend and also other people. I will not be just if I do not tell you what I loved about this place by just telling you about the food and ambience.

So, I’ll start with the food and the place so that those of you who just want to know about the food can get the relevant review and move on. For those who want to know about my experience of the place, read on. 🙂

Food I ordered:

Punjabi Paneer Pizza ????

This was supposed to be a healthy alternative to Pizza but I am not really sure if it was healthy. It had cheese ???? and paneer. Definitely not vegan, but yes it did feel lighter than the regular pizza and I don’t feel any uneasiness in my stomach that I generally have to address if mistakenly I eat something from Dominos or Pizza Hut. The sauce was very tangy and nice! I liked it overall.

Smoked Salmon Pizza ????

At this point you must be wondering how many pizzas two girls can eat! But yes, we eat! So this pizza had a nice sour cream, onions, red sauce but had more cheese than the paneer pizza. It was nice but I think I liked the veg pizza more because the flavours were more complimentary to each other.

Penne Mixed Sauce Pasta ????

This was as usual served with a piece of garlic bread ????. I think for the first time ever I really felt that I could eat pasta guilt free! So generally whenever I go close to Pasta, it has a lot of cream and cheese. Unlike the regular Pasta, their Pasta was full of flavour but the sauce was more water based than cream or cheese based, and thus felt great! If you are really going to this place with the intention to eat something healthy yet something that does not seem healthy, this is what you should order!

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate ???? ☕️

Okay, so if I have one obsession in sweet it is hot chocolate and I order hot chocolate wherever I go, but I don’t like it really sweet. Their hot chocolate was perfect! Neither too sweet nor too dark. It had a texture of chocolate which I really liked. I have never had such hot chocolate. People have recommended me hot chocolate with rum at Gusto but I think it’s too sweet even after adding the rum. This one however was perfect! Must try when you land here!

Ambience of the place:

There is something about the window side couch that I love. It makes you less confined to the place I believe. Also there were plants as the decoratives that I really loved! You know my love for green is endless. I can spend hours in gardens and nature, so this place made me feel more at home. Moreover I think, if the theme of the cafe is health, keeping plants inside is a really good idea. The counter was bright and lit well. Also there is an obsession of warm white light these days and personally I would be lying if I said that I don’t like them. But this cafe has tried to break the norm and has the regular white light, just like our tube lights at home, but mind you, it has done a great job even with the white light!

Cost: So we were gluttons who had a big meal, which costed us Rs. 2000, which included 2 pizzas, three hot chocolates and one Pasta. Yes, we had one and a half hot chocolate each, but you can easily manage under a 1000 for 2 people if you order a little like normal people.

My recommendation: I think you can go to this place when you are full of guilt of overeating but still want to satisfy yourself by choosing a healthy meal. Go and share what you had and how much you liked it.

Coming to the revelation part, which has made a deeper impact on me than the food. We talked about how we were broken, how we have healed, and also how life has just been fine despite of all the brokenness. She said, we must express ourselves to the ones we loved but I felt the more we talk, the more we exaggerate our problems.

Also, she shares a very touching story about her school life that has impacted me deeply. She went to KV during her schooling for some time after attending an affluent school. She studied with so many students coming from a much humble background, whereas she had seen affluent friends showing off their money. Once, she took Re. 1 from one of her friends to buy something from a local vendor, and the next day that girl came asking for her money. She was so moved by the gesture, and appreciated the value of money and simplicity of people. I was having goosebumps all throughout our conversations and I think my hair must have grown a centimetre because of those discussions!

And then there were little puppies just outside the restaurant trying to come inside but couldn’t so I asked waiter to get me something in chicken for those dogs. He told me that the quantity would be too less, so I should buy something from outside and feed. I agreed, but later had to run quickly because of calls from my family so I asked him if he could help me buy and feed something to those dogs. He seemed very touched by the gesture and agreed to do so. He was pretty kind and shared how he has seen poverty in Nepal, but how we, the coming generation can contribute little and eliminate it. I completely supported him. I think if I can spend 2K for one meal of mine, we can definitely eat a little less or also donate a little to people who are starving.

So, I had a wonderful evening all thanks to my dearest friend, Aja Fresh, their very humble staff and the universe!

I hope you too visit the place soon and share a similar vibe. Happy living. 🙂

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  1. Arun Shaji Kizhakkekara

    Reading a cafe review had never been this fun.. you have an eye for the smallest details.. kudos!
    The revelation part.. nice to read of those positive vibes.. Go girl.. Cheers!


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