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Take a Step | Speech 6

Just imagine the time of war when you are on a battlefield, there is blood everywhere… your troops are moving forward…from days you haven’t eaten enough… you are tired. you have to move forward. Suddenly there is a divine intervention but you are put in a dilemma. You are given a choice either a gun oooorrrrr  a triple chocolate cheesecake.  What will you do..???

Good afternoon, my fellow Toastmasters, contest chair and judges.

I had a theory that life is short, so eat the dessert first. But turns out that life is like a jar of jalepenos, what you do today might burn your ass tomorrow. So what do we do?

Have you been at the crossroads in your life? You would have to choose between your lovely mom or that lucrative onsite assignment.

There was once someone whom I loved and with whom I dreamt about my life. Someone whom I used to define who I was. Someone who wrote poems for me. He brought me a diamond bracelet. And a blue dress because blue was his favorite color. Someone who loved taking my pictures. Someone who said, he can’t stop thinking about me. We talked about everything, small or big! I didn’t know why we discussed his room-mate made who made sounds while eating and how I was responsible for it when he was annoyed, but the only logical solution was to take the responsibility of it and make him feel loved. We talked every day, 40 times. When he didn’t perform well in his exams, I told him that he was the best. He shouted at me that I was lying but I proved it to him every single time. He got apprehensive. I loved. He got mad. I loved. He slapped me, I kissed him. From my first salary, I bought him a wallet. I called him, but I got a message “The number you’re calling is busy. Please try again later.” *toon toon toon* I waited, assuming he was busy. And waited and then called. Dropped a message. Called. Dropped another message, another message another message and then called again. I waited wearing that bracelet and the blue dress that he gave me. I waited for months with the doors open and the lights on from where he walked out with another girl.

He broke me and now I was just some scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. So many questions left unanswered. I was a grain of sand in a desert where there were a lot of ways but not a direction.

Life is not a cheesecake, it is like a jar of jalepenos. It will not be sweet but spicy. I was in a dilemma to choose the man that hurt me or a life without the person whom I loved. But it was still not as difficult as the dilemma of a 23 year old girl trying to put a smile on her face when chemo takes away her lovely locks. But still it will not be as difficult as the dilemma of a soldier who is trying to save millions and knows that the next chase could bring his little daughter to tears.

When you are at any crossroad, no matter how difficult or easy there is nothing but one simple rule to follow. Take a step. Don’t stop, don’t wait. Just take a step. If life seems too tough to go ahead, take step. When the road is foggy and the path is not visible, take a step. And the great Charlie Chaplin who… said “You’ll find life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.” Let smile be your first step. I am not saying that that little step will be easy. Infact when you take the first step, it will get worse before it gets better. That one step will feel like dying a million times and every inch of you will scream at you to stop, to go back. But you, don’t you give in. Take a step. Just after that one step, life is waiting for you. Keep walking. It will get easier, It will get better. Just try and take a step.

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