Walk Over You

It takes enough courage

To let people walk over you

Does it hurt?

Oh yes, my dear.

Like thorns but, the dearer, the fiercer.

So why let them cross us over?

Because you, my love, were not born to hurt.

That was your clause, the cause of this pain.

To let them see love sometime,

Let them be touched by the warmth of love.

For they are hurt, deeply enough,

That the scents of love are beyond perception

And if they are ever touched,

This air, the rain and the sun will heal them

Probably as slowly as melting of a brick of Gold.

But then they will be gentle, for a long time

Because they never wanted to walk over you,

They all have a heart of gold

Though sometimes cold

They were just trying to rub on you

The thorns hurting

And stuck on their sweet feet.

Namita Satija

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